Meet The Young African Millionaire Who Ditched Harvard For Greater Heights

Mubarak Muyika is an orphan who started doing business since he was in high school.

His passion for entrepreneurship saw him turn down a fully paid scholarship to the prestigious Harvard University in the US last year to follow the unbeaten path of setting up a computer business.

His passion was mainly in computers and in January 2012, he registered Hype Century Technologies and Investments Ltd, a company which deals in web-designing and domain registration. He soon incorporated two of his friends in the enterprise and within three months, the business became a highly profitable one.

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“We started very small, with Sh50, 000 which I had saved from a freelance job I had been doing as a student and after High School. My first client was so impressed that he offered me space in his office at Rehema House in Nairobi.”

After a couple of months, he established another company, Zagace Ltd, which I’ll call an advanced version of the former. Zagace is an enterprise management platform that uses Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and web-hosting resources to create a basic forum for business systems and processes. Mubarak Muyika is set to take the world and may never relent until he achieves his purpose.


“We had three computers and in a good month I would pocket between Sh60, 000 and Sh80,000, which I used to pay my two part-time employees. Our services varied from domain registration to web hosting and designing.”

The young CEO became an orphan at the age of 11. He lived with relatives who owned a publishing firm. As a resourceful personality, Mubarak self-educated himself on how create a website via internet materials. In months he had become grounded enough to take the aunt’s publications to the internet. This gave the business a more modern appeal and the internet gave them a broader reach to people.

“I cleared high school in 2011, two years earlier I had developed a passion for computers that saw me set up a website for my adoptive parents who were running a bookshop. They needed an online platform to expand their venture.”

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Mubarak Muyika was so independent minded that he turned down a fully sponsored scholarship at the prestigious Harvard institution. The best part of this decision is that his productivity thereafter speaks for itself. Today he is one of Africa’s youngest and enterprising millionaires.

” I recommended him to Harvard University but noticed that entrepreneurship came first… Nowadays one can learn in many ways, even Bill Gates did not complete his studies. He walked out and aggressively did serious business.”– Chris Kirubi, Kenyan Billionaire.