Mugabe Accuses War Veterans Of Being Sponsored By The West, Says He Wont Step Down

Since news of the war veterans revoking their support for President Mugabe, a lot of spectators have been looking forward to hearing the president’s remark on the loss of their long time support.

President Mugabe on Wednesday rebuffed the veterans’ call for him to step down, affirming that he was rightfully president by popular vote and will not succumb to their threats.

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“As long as the party says continue, I continue…If I still have the energy, I still have the life, the blessings of God, I will continue,” Mugabe said in a 50-minute address.

“Journalists, tell those you are representing that Robert Mugabe is still here, well and strong. This is me, and my people are going to have me for some time,” he said.

The 92-year old who looked quite frail while making his speech accused the war veterans of working in conjunction with western powers to depose him.

“Some of these rebels from our war veteran ranks have been working with secret agents from the American, United Kingdom and French embassies here,” said Mugabe.

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Mugabe who is himself a war veteran was part of the Liberation struggle of Zimbabwe (Rhodesia at the time) from white minority rule. The veterans who accused Mugabe of being dictatorial were reprimanded by the government for spewing treasonous statements.

He sent out a warning to everyone who has in this month protested against the government, saying, “I want to warn them, these people, such as Mawarire and others, ZANU-PF will not tolerate any nonsense done in the name of religion. Once you begin to interfere with our politics, you are courting trouble, real trouble,” he said.