It would seem the country of Zimbabwe is currently divided into two factions, the Mugabe supporters and Mugabe opposers.

On Wednesday, over a thousand Mugabe supporters marched all the way to the party, ZANU-PF’s headquarters in solidarity with Mugabe’s government.

Earlier this month, a stay-away led by Pastor Evan Mawarire was conducted in protest against Mugabe’s government. This led to most shops, businesses, schools and even government offices closing down.

The peaceful protests were rallied under the ThisFlag movement which opposed government corruption, police brutality, delays in paying state workers’ salaries and cash shortages, according to Mawarire.

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President Mugabe, however, failed to reassure Zimbabweans that a solution will be implemented to bring about the change that they seek, rather, he chose to attack the movement stating that it was being funded by foreign states, thereby urging Zimbabweans to support his government instead.

He also accused Pastor Evan Mawarire of not being a real pastor and eventually told Mawarire and his supporters to leave Zimbabwe if they are unhappy with the conditions in the southern African country.

Thousands Of Mugabe Supporters March To Show Solidarity

Many of the Mugabe supporters who marched to the ZANU-PF headquarters were members of the party.

“This has given us the chance to express our solidarity with our president, Robert Mugabe,” ZANU-PF youth wing official Tinashe Wenyika said.

“We remain committed to our party as young people and this is a sign that the centre still holds.”

For his part in leading the Stay-away, Mawarire was arrested for allegedly being in possession of a police helmet, ‘button stick’ and other materials that were not found to be with him.

The case was later changed to treason for subverting the government. It was however dismissed in a Zimbabwean court, making thousands of the ThisFlag supporters who were waiting outside the court to jubilate.

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Having Mugabe supporters take to the streets following an anti-protest has been a recurring pattern of late. Some months ago, opposing leader Morgan Tsvangirai staged a protest in the capital Harare against Mugabe’s failure to turn the economy around, opposing voices who had gone ‘missing’, as well as some money in government that ‘disappeared’.

The following month, Mugabe supporters staged a million-man march in support of the president.