Mugabe Ordered The Arrest Of The Olympic Team For Not Winning Any Medal

Recent report says that Zimbabwe’s President, Robert Mugabe has ordered for the arrest of the Zimbabwean Rio Olympic Team.

As nations welcome their Olympic representatives; some in grand style, Zimbabwe’s Mugabe has revealed that he’d rather have them (Zimbabwean Rio Olympic Team) locked up for their performances.

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The President who is clearly angry at the team says they should be detained for not winning any medal at the just concluded Rio Olympics.

Report says that he has instructed the Commissioner General of Zimbabwe Police Republic, Augustine Chihuri to arrest all of them.

Africa generally had a dose of drama at the Olympics, nonetheless there were still significant performances and wins. Kenyans particularly dazzled on the tracks while Nigeria won bronze for soccer.

Zimbabwe was represented by a team of 31 athletes. In the overall record, the highest position for the country was the 8th position.

Apparently, President Mugabe is not smiling about the development. He simply believes he just wasted resources on the athletes. He had absolutely no word of commendation for the Zimbabwean Rio Olympic Team.

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Subsequent reports have quoted President Mugabe to have said these words:

“We have wasted the country’s money on these rats we call athletes. If you are not ready to sacrifice and win even copper or brass medals (referring the 4th and 5th positions) as our neighbors Botswana did, then why do you go to waste our money.

“If we needed people to just go to Brazil to sing our national anthem and hoist our flag, we would have sent some of the beautiful girls and handsome guys from University of Zimbabwe to represent us.

“This situation is like an impotent man who is married to five women, what is the essence?

“I will make sure we share the cost across board for all of them to pay back to government chest even if it takes 10 years to recoup, now it turns out to be a soft loan we have given them to go and visit Brazil as tourist, they are useless.”