Muhammad Ali Jr

The world may still be missing boxing legend, Muhammad Ali but the estate left behind by the legend has been split up among his kin.

This, of course, gave members of his family, including estranged son Muhammad Ali Jr., cash windfalls.

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RadarOnline reports that Muhammad Ali Jr. the estranged son of late boxing legend Muhammad Ali has dumped his wife and two children after receiving a windfall of cash from his dad’s estate.

Muhammad Ali Jr

The family had apparently avoided any heavy fighting over the estate, which amounted to a $80 million fortune. They had amicably shared the fortune equally among his nine children and wife, Lonnie, who also kept his house.

A source revealed to RadarOnline that the “44-year-old Ali Jr. has dumped his wife and their two children and is moving out of Chicago’s tough South Side to a home in a better neighborhood.”

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This, despite the fact that for the past decade, he and his wife, Shaakira, and children Ameera, 8, and Shakera, 7, have relied on food stamps and handouts to survive, the source further revealed.

The source who seemed to keep an optimistic view of Ali, who has struggled with marijuana addiction and other issues, said that “he gave his wife $75 to buy herself something nice, and bought the kids new shoes. He also wants to set up a trust fund for his kids”.

Also attributing good intentions to him, the source said that; “He wants to do landscaping stuff and help people…He doesn’t need much. He’s a simple dude”.

Muhammad Ali Jr

Hopefully, not many people will agree with that simplistic description of a man abandoning his wife and kids who have struggled along with him, at the point that he becomes rich.