Conjoined Twins Successfully Separated In Kenya See Themselves For The First Time

The formerly conjoined Mukiri twins is the latest historical success in Kenya’s health history.

For the first time ever, a conjoined twins was successfully separated by a team of health experts in Kenya.

The surgery is the first of its kind in Sub-Sahara Africa.

Yesterday the picture of the separated twins were released. They have been confirmed by the Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH) authorities to be stable and recuperating well.

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Blessing and Favor Mukiri were conjoined at the sacral region of the lower spinal cord. For 2 years the twins had never seen each other face to face.

All thanks to the successful surgery and a team of devoted experts, the Mukiri twins will be seeing much more of each other henceforth.

The surgery which cost an approximate $1.5 million (150 million Kenyan Shillings) lasted for 23 straight hours. It started from 6am on November 1 and ended by 5am the next day.


It took a team of 60 medical experts to make this miracle a reality. The team consisted of pediatric surgeons, neurosurgeons, plastic and reconstructive surgeons, anesthetists and nurses.

Caroline Mukiri, mother of the twins, said her joy was boundless when the twins were able to breathe on their own as the life support was removed.

“At least now I can smile.”

“I thank God and also the team that was in the theater and assured me that God was in control. I relaxed when I saw that they all had great faith in God and when the surgery ended and my girls were separated, I was very happy.” 

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No doubt, this is the beginning of more historical success in Kenya’s health sector. Kenyans are happy. They have congratulated the team for taking up the complex task and doing perfect justice to it.

President Uhuru Kenyatta has also registered his commendation and joy over the success of the surgery.