Uganda’s President Fetches Water On A Bicycle To Create Wealth

Uganda’s Wealth Creation Agenda – Self-sufficiency is the watch word for most African nations. The idea is to improve the economy and depend less on aid outside the country/continent as the case may be.

Austerity measures have been implemented in countries like Tanzania, Nigeria, among others.

Most African leaders are admonishing that it will be worth it if Africans begin to take the manufacturing sector seriously.

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Recognizing that the youths are the hope of tomorrow; Uganda’s president, Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has challenged Africans to rise up to the calls of wealth creation.

He urges Africans to make the best of their available resources in order to sustain themselves.

For the International Youth Day this year, Uganda celebrated this theme: The Road To 2030: Eradicating Poverty And Achieving Sustainable Production And Consumption.

Museveni urged the youths to take advantage of the available opportunities, including skills training programmes to be able to contribute to the transformation of the country, adding that building synergies will lead to greater success.

Creating more awareness for the wealth creation policy, President Museveni was caught in pictures fetching water and riding on a bicycle, in Kawumu village, Luweero District, of Uganda. This will be another time an African leader will be seen riding a bicycle to prove a point. Tanzanian president Magufuli was the first.

It is dawning on Africa that Agriculture is a means of improving the economy and the welfare of all of her citizens.

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On that note, President Museveni has said that it is pertinent that 68% of the homesteads be moved from subsistence farming to commercial agriculture.


The president led by example by kicking off Uganda’s wealth creation agenda. After fetching the water he tried his hands on the use of drip irrigation for crops.


The president wrote this on his social media account:

“Today is Day Three of my Operation Wealth Creation drive in Luweero.”

“This morning, I fetched water on my bicycle to demonstrate drip irrigation for coffee and bananas that I have planted on the 24 acres of land recently acquired by government in Kawumu Village, Luweero District.”

He also said, “I will continue with my door-to-door mobilization and sensitization on Operation Wealth Creation.”