Muyiwa Ademola’s Biography and Significant Age Milestones

Muyiwa Ademola (born January 26, 1971) is a 52 years old Nollywood actor, filmmaker, producer, and director. Well known by the nickname Muyiwa Authentic, the actor is well-versed in the Yoruba movies niche, where he has been active for a few decades.

He got his first professional acting gig in 1991 but has diversified his portfolio to cover all the filmmaking processes. More recently, he is better known for movies he directed than ones he has a role in. Ademola is not one to stay confined to a niche; he has also made appearances in some English-speaking films. He won his first award as an actor in 2005, which spurred him to many other wins.

Profile Summary of Muyiwa Ademola

  • Full Name: Muyiwa Ademola
  • Nickname: Muyi Authentic
  • Date of Birth: January 26, 1971
  • Age: 52 years old
  • Place of Birth: Abeokuta, Ogun state
  • Ethnicity: Yoruba
  • State of Origin: Ogun state
  • Nationality: Nigerian
  • Marital Status: Married to Omolara Ademola (2006)
  • Children: Five
  • Education: University of Ibadan
  • Occupation: Actor, Producer, Director
  • Years Active: 1991 – present

Muyiwa Ademola was Born 52 Years Ago in Abeokuta

Being born on the 26th day of January 1971 makes Muyiwa Ademola 52 years old. He was born in Abeokuta, Ogun State in the southern part of Nigeria to the family of Prince Isaiah and Rebecca Ademola. It is recorded that he has a younger sister named Toyin who is an event planner. Aside from this, it is not known if he has other siblings. His father was said to be a religious person and an elder in their church.

In one of his interviews, Muyiwa revealed that he grew up in a very humble background where his parents found it hard to send him to the university. To emphasize how financially weak his father was, the actor said that his father never owned a motorcycle. Going on, he stated that they never had electricity and he had to use a local lamp to read for his SSCE. All this, however, did not make him lose interest in education and most importantly, pursuing his dream.


He Graduated From The University of Ibadan At The Age of 34

Going by his academic history, Muyiwa Ademola completed his primary and secondary school at Christ Church School, Mapo V, Elekuro, Ibadan, and St. David’s High School, Molete, Ibadan, respectively. Due to financial constraints, he waited for 13 years before he could further his education at a university level. In his words, he said: “I had my university education 13 years after my secondary school, yet, I’m being celebrated in this manner”.

In 2005, he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Adult Education from the University of Ibadan, Oyo state. It was also recorded that he has a certificate in Chemistry from an affiliate institution in London.

Muyiwa Ademola Encountered Oppositions At The Start of His Career

Though he has become a well-known name in the Yoruba movie industry, Muyiwa cannot easily forget how his family, especially his father, opposed his choice of career. Considering Isaiah Ademola’s position as an elder in the church, the actor said that he did not see acting as befitting and of a moral standard to go into by any of his children, but he (Muyiwa) would not give up.

Muyiwa was a science student in his secondary school days but had always loved arts. He had an interest in acting and usually thinks of ways to be creative. His interest in acting landed him a position as the Deputy of Publicity in his school’s press club. During the days, after watching Nigerian movies, he would write his own scripts and start looking for sponsors to help him publish them. In 1988, he went with one of his stories to meet actor Shola Ogunshola best known as Isho Pepper. However, Shola rejected his stories only on the basis that he was still too young for the job.

He Eventually Made an Entrance into Nollywood At The Age of 20 in 1991

Muyiwa did not relent but continued meeting different people with his scripts. Fortunately, in 1991, he met Charles Olumo, popularly known as Agbako, and he gave him his first major contract. Muyiwa also credited his success to movie director S.I Ola who taught him all the rudiments of acting, directing, and film production. Following his meeting with S.I Ola, Ademola commenced his acting career fully and produced his first written script – the movie Asise (meaning BLUNDER) in 1995.

Muyiwa-Ademola ogo osupa
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The actor would later hit the limelight in 1997 with the movie Ogo Osupa. The movie gave him a big announcement and since then, he has been making strides in the industry. In 2004, he directed and starred in the Yoruba movie Ori as a mad man. The following year, Ori was awarded the Best Indigenous Film at the Africa Movie Academy Award. In addition, Muyiwa Ademola is the CEO of the Authentic School of Drama and Film Production. So far, the actor has produced, directed, and starred in over 100 Yoruba Nollywood movies.

His Filmography

  • Ile
  • Ami Ayo
  • Fimidara Ire
  • Asise
  • Fadeyi Oloro
  • Orí (Fate)
  • Indomie Lomo
  • Omo Elemosho
  • Tewe Tegbo
  • Eni Owo
  • Connection
  • Dairy of Hamzat
  • The Golden Seed (Irugbin Wura)
  • Aimo Ni (Ignorance)
  • Gbeje Oloko
  • Aro Meta Clinic
  • Ji Masun
  • Oko mi Ore mi
  • Eyitayo
  • Ayederu
  • Satan’s Bride
  • Ajolaye
  • Aarinola
  • Wahala –
  • Abawo Mi –
  • Sunday Igboho
  • Alagata (Third Party)
  • Ewatomi
  • Twisted
  • Autism
  • Sekunola
  • Ayo Olopon
  • Addict (Baraku)
  • Eebo bu
  • Omoniyun
  • Gbarada
  • Itelorun
  • Gale Gale
  • Ekisa
  • Secrets Asiri
  • Oro Olori
  • Eleda Opo
  • Aforji (Forgiveness)
  • Agbaje Omo Onile
  • Amope Ajabiiji
  • Intent (Igbati)
  • Cold-Hearted
  • Survival of Jelili
  • Majele
  • Hook Up
  • Yonusimi
  • Shame
  • Ajanaku
  • Depression
  • Paradox
  • Oko Bange
  • Aje Oja
  • The Twins – Ejiworo (Yet to be shot)

Awards and Nominations

As expected, the actor has won multiple awards for his works in the Nigerian movie industry. Below is a list of the awards and nominations he has bagged over the course of his acting career.

  • 2005 – At the 1st Africa Movie Academy Awards, he won the Best Indigenous Film Award
  • 2008 – Nominee at the 4th Africa Movie Academy Awards for Most Outstanding Indigenous Actor
  • 2015 – Best Actor of the year at the Odua Image Awards
  • 2015 – BON Awards named him the Best Yoruba Actor of the Year
  • 2017 – Nominee at the City People Movie Awards in the Best Yoruba Actor Category
  • 2017 – Pacesetters Entertainment and Recognition Awards (PERA) Winner
  • 2018 – Best Versatile Actor at the Greenview Awards
  • 2018 – Glam Male Best Actor of the Year nominee at the Nigerian Glam Awards
  • 2019 – Award of Excellence at the Nigerian Canadian Celebrities Entertainment Award
  • 2019 – Inspirational Award at the Symbol of Hope Foundation 5th Leadership Conference and Humanitarian Service Award
  • Most Creative Actor at the 1st Yoruba Movie Gists Award
  • 2019 – Golden Ticket at the Blingz Events Awards – 2019
  • 2019 – Nominee for Best Producer at the African Film Awards
  • 2019 – Actor of the Year at the Prominent Oyo People’s Award
  • 2020 – Special Recognition Award at the Emperor Award
  • 2020 – Recognition Award at the 60 Most Influential Brands and Personality in Ibadan Award



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