Former Kenyan President, Mwai Kibaki Finally Discharged From South African Hospital

Kenya’s prominent and past leader, Mwai Kibaki has finally been discharged from the hospital, according to reports.

On the 21st of August, it was reported that the former Kenyan President was ill and hospitalized briefly at Karen Hospital, Nairobi; and later flown to Netcare Sunninghill Hospital, South Africa.

Mwai Kibaki had a surgery on his neck to remove a blood clot in one of the veins. The blood clot resulted to a stroke; the third he has suffered.

He had the first stroke in the 70’s, and the second in 2003. His health had been a national concern before he left office as President.

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The one hour long surgery took place on the 25th of August and was successful. An official statement from the State House says that Kibaki “is jovial and in high spirits.”

Given his discharge, the political figure is due to return home after a full recovery. At the moment Mwai is recuperating in Johannesburg.

Mwai Kibaki is the 3rd President (2002-2013) and 4th Vice President of Kenya (1978-1988).

Wikipedia records that he has consecutively served as “Minister for Finance (1969–1981) under Kenyatta, and Minister for Home Affairs (1982–1988) and Minister for Health (1988–1991) “under Daniel arap Moi.

While at the hospital, Kenyan politicians planned to travel to South Africa and see how he was doing. On the advice of the medics in charge, they halted the move till when the 84-year old former President was fit to receive visitors. They sent him their good wishes.

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In April, Mwai lost his wife, Lucy Kibaki who was being hospitalized in a London Hospital. Supporting him during the current health crisis are some members of his family.

Mwai Kibaki is remembered for being a brilliant and reserved personality. He was quite different from his loud predecessor, Daniel arap Moi. Mwai handed over to Uhuru Kenyatta in 2013.

The recuperating Kenyan leader and UNESCO envoy is really loved by the people.

In 2003, Kibaki, serving as President launched a free primary education initiative. This afforded over 1 million children from poor backgrounds the privilege of acquiring education.