Mxit PC: How to Download and Use Mxit on PC

MXIT is an instant messaging program that runs on cellular phones and up until recently, also runs on PC. Founded by a Namibian born software developer Herman Heunis at a university town in South Africa in 1997, mobile phones such as BlackBerry, Android, Apple iPhone (via the iTunes App Store), Windows Mobile devices and tablets were the only devices suitable for the messaging app and it was supported internationally in countries like Malaysia, India, Indonesia, United Kingdom, United States, Nigeria, Brazil, France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, and South Africa.

Just like Mxit for mobile phones, Mxit PC allows users to send and receive one-on-one text and multimedia messages to and from other users, and in chat rooms. Even when you don’t have friends on MXit, it also supports gateways to other instant messaging platforms such as MSN Messenger, ICQ and Google Talk hence you will still be able to communicate with your friends on those platforms. MXit does not charge for one-on-one messages, however, your mobile operators may charge a small fee for data usage.


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Part of what makes Mxit great is that it features some of the standard functions seen in a modern instant messaging client, such as a contact list, file transfers and integrated photo sharing system that utilizes a cellphone’s built-in camera. Profile photos, tabbed conversations and message formatting are also supported.

While using Mxit, you can add contacts by simply entering their mobile phone number or a username and as a user, you are able to change your availability and mood in the menu on the client. You can equally make use of a common chat room and show more expressions by using emoticons.

Mxit PC Download and How to Get it to Work

There are numerous ways to get MXIT PC working. This section will outline the things you need to do:

The base for running MXIT on your computer is a program called mPowerPlayer. But before you get to installing mPowerPlayer, you need to install Java Runtime Environment (JRE) onto your computer. New versions of the JRE come out all the time but you can download the latest version from this link:

Depending on the operating system your PC is running on, click on the appropriate link to download and install the Mxit software application.


Get chatting with Mxit v. 1.3.1 on your Mac. Download and install Adium

Download for FREE and install Adium
Get Mxit Adium Plugin 1.5


Stay in touch even when you are away from your phone, with Mxit EVO PC v. 1.3.1.

Download it for FREE.


Use Mxit v. 1.3.1 from your Linux desktop. Simply download Pidgin and sign in using your Mxit username and password.

Download for FREE and install Pidgen

Note that you can equally add Mxit to your website and chat with your visitors in real time by embedding the Mxit Web Chat in your website or blog.

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Quick Facts About Mxit And Its Unbeatable Features

The free instant messaging application that runs on both mobile and computing platforms is not just one of the largest social networks the world, it’s wide usage has secured it the second position after Facebook in terms of social media ratings in the Sub Saharan Africa, having over 24 million users. Here are some of the unbeatable features of the Mxit.

1. Unlike some other social media platforms, Mxit offers a wide range of services including social networking, mobile voice clips, music & entertainment, banking access and other community-based applications.

2. Mxit offers an affordable means of sending messages instead of using relatively expensive SMS options. Because of its easy application, users prefer to use Mxit than using something more complex like Facebook or Twitter.

3. Mxit is built in such a way that its subscribers are allowed to connect to other social networks and instant messaging applications such as Facebook, Google Talk, Yahoo, AIM and ICQ.

4. Although it is known to have a higher percentage of youth followers, Mxit has a customer base that confidently accommodates all age groups.

5. First-time users who register on the platform to get an account are welcomed with a gift of 500 Moola, the community’s virtual currency, which the new user can use in the Tradepost service to buy games, skins, send cards, and more.

6. Not only are the subscribers able to have access to sport, news, weather, entertainment, advice, education and learning tools and more, they are also able to receive messages even when they are offline.

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