A Breakdown Of Mychal Kendricks’ Career Earnings, Family and Relationship History

After playing college football for the California Golden Bears, Mychal Kendricks declared for the 2012 NFL Draft and was selected in the second round by the Philadelphia Eagles. Per sources, he emerged the sixth linebacker who was picked among a class of highly talented linebackers. During his time with the Eagles, Kendricks set some impressive records and even led the team to win the Super Bowl LII. About a decade later, the NFL star has gone on to play for other teams including the Cleveland Browns and the Seattle Seahawks. Following two successive suspensions from the NFL and his team respectively, fans are keen to know about the linebacker’s recent endeavors, especially his earnings.

An Inherent Love For Football

Born Marvin Mychal-Christopher Kendricks on September 28, 1990, in Fresno, California, to a father who played professional football for the Canadian Football League (CFL). Kendricks would grow up with an uncanny love for football. In his words, his interest in the sport began since he was a toddler.

Kendrick’s passion for football was, however, starved until his teenage years, this was due to the fact that the high school he attended – Bullard Talent had not a football team but a soccer team. In order to satisfy the athlete in him, he started out playing soccer. In addition to soccer, Mychal Kendricks was active in his school’s art group. After a few years at Bullard Talent School, Mychal moved to Hoover High School where he began playing football and was coached by his older half-brother, Chad.

Although sports seemed to preoccupy his childhood days, there’s a back story Kendricks is not so proud of; Kendricks had a pretty rough childhood and was involved in street fights more often than not. On one occasion, he got stabbed by an unknown gangster and bears scars to this day. Ultimately, Kendrick would overcome his bad behavior to fulfill his dreams of playing in the National Football League.

Playing College Football At UC Berkeley

After graduating from Hover High School Mychal Kendricks proceeded to play football at the University of California, Berkely, playing for the varsity California Golden Bears, from 2008 until his final year in 2011. With the Golden Bears, Kendricks played in over 29 games and logged in 259 tackles, 13.5 sacks, 4 interceptions, and a touchdown. During his senior year of college, he recorded 106 tackles, 3 sacks, and 2 interceptions, which earned him the Pac-12 Defensive Player of the Year award.

A Closer Look At Mychal Kendricks’ Contracts Since Turning Pro In 2012

Having played for three different teams in the National Football League (NFL), Mychal Kendricks’ salary varied across deals. After being picked in the second round of the 2012 NFL Draft by the Philadelphia Eagles, the linebacker in May of that year signed a four-year contract worth $4.44 million with $2.60 million guaranteed. He also received a signing bonus of $1.67 million.

In 2015, right before the end of his first contract with the Eagles, Kendricks signed a four-year extension contract worth $29 million with $16.09 million guaranteed. The linebacker also received signing and workout bonuses of $8 million and $100,000 respectively.

In May 2018, exactly six years after signing his first contract with the Eagles, Kendricks was traded to the Cleveland Browns and in the following month, was signed to a one-year contract worth $500,000. However, that agreement was botched when federal prosecutors charged him with insider trading.

In September of that year, Kendricks signed a one-year deal with the Seattle Seahawks. With the Hawks, he was placed on an annual salary of $790,000 but would forfeit $371,765 as a result of his indefinite suspension from the NFL due to insider trading. Though he later returned to action in December 2018, he sustained a tibia injury and was placed on injured reserve that month. As of this writing, and per Spotrac, Kendrick has earned a total of $25,306,979 in the course of his football career. He is currently worth over $5 million. A fortune he shares with some special people in his life.

The Linebacker Is A Product of a Broken Home

Mychal Hendricks
Mychal Kendricks, his mother, and two younger siblings

Mychal Kendricks was born to parents Marvin and Yvonne Kendricks (nee Thagon). As aforementioned, his father played football in his heydays, he played as a running back at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) before going pro with Canada’s CFL. For much of his early years, Mychal was raised by his mother Thagon who left their father, Marvin because he got entangled in crack cocaine addiction.

As a single mother, Thagon took several odd jobs to give her three kids a better chance at life. Mychal is the first of three children and was raised in Fresno alongside his younger siblings, a brother named Eric and a sister, Danielle. He also has an older half-brother named Chad from his father’s previous marriage.

Mychal’s younger brother Eric also went the way of football and is doing pretty well today. He played college football as a linebacker for the University of California football team and went pro in 2015 after he was drafted by the Minnesota Vikings.

Kendricks’ father Marvin later got his acts together and got clean to be a responsible father to his three kids. He has now put his past behind him and has reconciled with his family. The Kendricks often share photo evidence of their togetherness on various social media platforms.

The Athlete Has Quite An Enigmatic Romantic History

Mychal Kendricks
Mychal Kendricks and former girlfriend, Rayne Connell

Mychal Kendricks is a ladies’ man. With a gorgeous build and looks, he is, of course, the dream of most young ladies. As of this writing, however, he is still unmarried, but that doesn’t mean his dating life void of adventure.

The NFL star was first linked to the singer Rayne Connell. The two appeared in one of her dance videos which she posted on Instagram. This sparked dating speculations among fans and followers, but what followed from the pair was silence. As times passed, this went down as one of the many yet-to-be-confirmed details of Mychal Kendricks’ personal life.

The next lady to appear on his radar was the renowned pop star, Rihanna. Per sources, they’ve had a crush on each other for a long time, but as with the first speculation, there has been no confirmation if the two actually ended up in a relationship.

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