Mzambiya Biography: Age and Famous Songs of the Kwaito Singer

Mzambiya who also goes by his real name Nkosinathi Zwan is a 37-year-old Kwaito singer. Arguably one of the most popular stars in the music genre, Mzambiya is known for songs like Zola, Ghetto Tragedy, Of Love & Kwaito, Tot Tot Tot, and Jersey Number 10.

His music has managed to transcend his people and generation, becoming an inspiration to music lovers all over the world. Like most music artists who started early in life, the singer has been through several changes and grown to become a big deal in the music industry. One of these transformations is the recent change of his stage name from Mzambiya to Zikode.

Despite all these changes, there’s no doubt that Mzambiya’s music just like him has gotten better with time. He continues to churn out chart-topping songs and has managed to stay at the top of his career for the past twenty years. He has grown to become a producer, TV presenter, record label owner, and astute businessman. He is also an Executive and Managing Director at Trees Trading and Projects.

Mzambiya’s Biography Summary

  • Full name: Nkosinathi Zwane
  • Stage name: Mzambiya/ Zikode
  • Gender: Male
  • Date of birth: May 21, 1986
  • Mzambiya’s Age: 37 years
  • Nationality: South African
  • Zodiac Sign: Gemini
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Marital Status: N/A
  • Mzambiya’s Children: (Son) Nkosinathi Jnr
  • Occupation: Musician, TV Presenter, Producer
  • Mzambiya’s Net worth: $1- 5 million
  • Famous for: (Song) Jersey Number 10
  • Mzambiya’s Instagram: @mzambiya
  • Twitter: @mzambiyaSA
  • Facebook: Mzambiya

Who Is Mzambiya and Where Was He Born?

Born Nkosinathi Zwane on the 21st of May 1986, in Zola, Soweto little did his parents know that their little boy was going to become a legend. The talented singer grew up harnessing his talents and doing what he loves best – singing. His talents and gifts made him stand out and he was soon discovered during the Jam Alley times by the famous TV presenter Nomrod Nkosi at the tender age of 12.

Mzambiya was thrust into the limelight unexpectedly and his whole life changed. He soon became the youngest Kwaito artist in South Africa. Despite all his successes, Mzambiya was raised by his parents who have chosen to stay away from the media and the attention that comes with the celebrity life. It is uncertain if he has siblings as he has decided to disclose as little as he can about his family. Nevertheless, Mzambiya reportedly bought a house for his parents after the release of his first studio album which was a resounding success.

Speaking about making it big on time, Mzambiya has shared that he faced his fair share of challenges during the early stage of his career. He reiterated that artists are put under so much pressure while trying to perform and entertain the crowd and that this is why some resort to drugs to take off the edge. He shared that he did go wayward at some point but due to the strong support system he had, he found his way back.

In May 2020, The Popular Kwaito Singer Changed His Stage Name From Mzambiya To Zikode, His Clan Name

The successful Kwaito singer is quite big on family values and has made this known over time throughout his career. In 2004, he released an album titled Zikode which is his clan name. He sang praises of his family and family tree in the album. It didn’t come as much of a surprise when he announced in May 2020 that he was adopting Zikode as his stage name.

According to him, he now sees himself as a matured fine wine, which preempted him to change his name into something more befitting of his present status. He made the change of name public with the release of the song – Tot Tot Tot in collaboration with DJ Cleo.

Mzambiya Has A Diploma In Marketing and Administration From Centurion Academy

Mzambiya is one of the few celebrated artists who has managed to keep his calm and get an education despite his celebrity status. For someone who likes to read, especially while growing up, schooling would have been an enjoyable experience. Despite becoming popular before becoming a teenager, he managed to finish high school at South View High School, Lanasia South.

He then went ahead to get a Grade 12 matric certificate (NQ4) from Intec College Braamfontein between 2006 to 2007. In 2011, he proceeded to Centurion Academy where he earned his Diploma in Marketing and Administration and graduated in 2013.

Mzambiya Has Achieved A lot With His Musical Career

Music has a way of closing gaps and breaking down cultural barriers and Mzambiya has shared that one of his greatest career highlights is touring the world and seeing people from different countries singing along to his songs. For someone who came into the music industry with nothing but his raw musical talents, Mzambiya has come a long way and learned how to make his way in the music industry.

In terms of accolades, his first recognition was in the year 2000 when he got nominated for the ‘Best Newcomer Award’ at the ‘ South African Music Awards. According to him, different nominations and recognitions began to troop in after this.

In 2009, his album ‘Still I Rise’ was nominated for the ‘Best Kwaito Album at the South African Music Awards and also the best video award at the Channel O Music Video Awards.
He has had the opportunity to tour the world and perform for his fans and celebrities. In 2020, he had the honor of performing alongside DJ Cleo at the Channel O House Party.

Mzambiya Has Released More Than Five Musical Albums

After his 1998 discovery by Nomrod Nkosi, Mzambiya got signed by the CEO of Bulldawgz Entertainment – Oscar Mlangeni. He went ahead to release his debut single Mele Senzeni in 2000 which became a hit song. The talent of the young artist was quite obvious as he went ahead to release his first studio album – From Zola To Hollywood which was also another resounding success. The album became a mega-hit as it sold over 200,000 copies. The success of his first album set the tone and pace for his career in the music industry.

In 2001, he featured Msawawa in a single titled – Bowungakani which became another hit song both in South Africa and beyond. The song took the parties and nightclubs by storm, ushering both Mzambiya and Msawawa into another realm of success at a very tender age.

Riding on the wave of his success, he released another album in 2003 titled Mzambiya Vs. Chippa. The album was released under the Columbia Label. In the following year, he dropped another album which he named after his clan – Zikode. The album was released under the Cool Spot Label and produced by Godfrey Guffy Pilane.

In 2009, he dropped the album Still I Rise and then followed it up with the release of two albums – From Zola To Hollywood Feat The Sheriff and Heir to the Throne in 2014. According to him, his journey in the music industry has been educating and eye-opening. He has managed to stay on top of his game due to his discipline and high principles.

Some of Zikode’s popular songs include:

  • Jersey # 10
  • Sapho (original)
  • My Indian Princess
  • Mzambiya
  • Mus’udlala Ngaye ft Sgebi
  • Lala ngo 5
  • Zola – Bulldawgz Anthem
  • Ingculaza
  • Skhokho
  • Uyaqhosha
  • Quephesha
  • Martha
  • Bulldawgz Movie Intro
  • Zola (Instrumental)
  • Mzambiya ft Msawawa Imoto Ka Shukela
  • Dlozi Lami (old school kwaito)
  • Life Line
  • Ma-Hiklas
  • GYFY Ingculazi – In Aid of a Child with Aids
  • Sapho (Heavenly Mix)
  • Mzambiya ft Percy Of love and kwaito
  • Nyuku ft Bouga Luv, Omen & Jazz
  • Bull Dawgz Cometh
  • Jersey
  • Bancane
  • Zonke Indawo
  • Still Standing
  • Isikhathi
  • Sapho Intro
  • Jezi No.10 – Bulldawgz Mix
  • Jezi No.10
  • Mzambiya ft DJ Cleo Tot Tot
  • Zola (Bulldawgz Anthem)
  • Ghetto Tragedy
  • Mzambiya Dlozi lami
  • Ibadala ft Howza
  • Zikode
  • Zola
  • Of Love & Kwaito
  • Mzambiya Mele Senzeni
  • We S’bali
  • S’ khkho ft Bouga Luv
  • Maintain ft GP Gangsta
  • Of Love Kwaito
  • Umhlaba’uyahlaba
  • Thinthitha
  • Mhlobam
  • Speaking in Tongues
  • One Series
  • Outro amongst others.

Mzambiya Celebrated 20 Years In The Music Industry In 2020

From taking up the moniker Nkosinathi to Mzambiya and then Zikode, this talented young man has been in the music industry for over two decades now. In 2020, when he had spent 20 years in his eventful musical career, he decided to celebrate this milestone in a big way. He returned to Bulldawgz Entertainment, the record label where he started out his musical career, and also commemorated his 20th year with the release of the song Tot Tot Tot. The song became another success and was produced by DJ Cleo.

While most artists dread taking time off their careers in order not to become obsolete, Zikode has shown that it can be done. In an ever-changing and evolving musical industry, he has been able to hold his own and release songs that millions of people all over the world can still relate to.

Mzambiya Has Spread His Wings In The Entertainment Industry

In 2014, after releasing 2 albums back to back, Mzambiya decided to take a break from his musical career. According to him, he felt the need to get an education as he wanted to do more beyond his music and he knew that people would not take him seriously without an education. In 2014, he became a part of the SABC1 music and dance show Jika Majika as a presenter and then producer.

He has had several interesting collaborations over the course of his career that have further enhanced his career. While most might assume that Mzambiya and Msawawa (Siboniso Dlamini) are brothers, the duo aren’t related but have maintained a close relationship from their childhood after Mzambiya discovered Msawawa. The duo have maintained a close bond since then and have released several hit songs together, including ‘Bowungakani’, and ‘Imoto Ka Shukela’.

Is Mzambiya an Actor?

Mzambiya has always had a soft spot for music and will feature on television for any show as long as it is music-related. The talented singer has had some TV roles over the course of his career but has not shown the urge to pursue an acting career.

Some of Mzambiya’s roles that he held on TV over the years include:

  • I Love South Africa – Season 1 (Contestant)
  • Jika Majika – Season 11 and 12 (Presenter)
  • Rolling With – Season 4 (Celeb Edition)
  • Tshisa – Season 1 (Himself)
  • Zaziwa – Season 2 (Himself)

Mzambiya’s Net Worth

Mzambiya’s net worth is estimated to be between $1 million and $5 million presently. With a career spanning over 20 years, Zikode has indeed made it big in the music industry. While he is the type not prone to bragging, he shared in 2018 that he has made over 14 million Rands from his very robust and successful musical career.

According to his testimony, things weren’t rosy throughout his career as there were times he had nothing and lost a lot of money due to certain bad decisions and investments but his talent, hard work, and relationship with God helped him through the trying times.

The singer has since taken it upon himself to speak to the younger generation about making sound financial decisions. From his personal experience, he lost a lot of money due to contracts he signed with some record labels and music video producers who would give him “certain percentages” that suited them from the returns.

Against all odds, the Kwaito singer claims that he is now in a better place financially and credits God and certain people who have guided him over the years.

Asides from his musical career, Zoleka has ventured into TV presenting and musical production. He is now the proud owner of his own record label and all this has further contributed to his enormous wealth. He is also an Executive and Managing Director at ‘Among the trees inc’.

Is Zikode Married?

The Jersey #10 crooner has shared that he has had his fair share of attention from his female fans over the years. He even revealed that he had to deal with some female stalkers at some point. This might be one of the reasons why he has chosen not to say anything about his past or present relationships in the media.

From what has been garnered online, Mzambiya used to date Kefiloe who was his childhood love interest and the mother of his son but they reportedly broke up in 2014. In 2015, he was rumored to be dating make-up artist, Nomfundo “Nono” Biyela, from Chesterville, Durban. The duo were often seen flaunting pictures of themselves together on social media and calling each other sweet names like “my everything” and “my pillar of strength”.

They reportedly broke up after a while and things have been basically quiet regarding who he might be dating since then. Nonetheless, he has been quite vocal about having a son and even referred to himself as a family man in a recent interview. It is unknown who the lucky woman in his life is and if they have tied the knot.

Where Is Mzambiya Now?

One good thing about talent is that it never goes out of fashion. Mzambiya has shown over the course of his career that he deserves all the fuss that has been made about him. He has made concerted efforts to remain relevant and true to himself which is one of the reasons he decided to change his name to Zikode.

Following his recent return to the record label where he started his career, Zikode continues to churn out music that has been well received. He has grown in the entertainment industry and is involved in a plethora of businesses now.


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