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Journalism is one diverse profession that allows the practitioners to choose their area of specialty, build a career on it by reporting the truth and facts which in the long run will distinguish them as deserving commendation and recognition among their peers. Some choose to specialize in political journalism, while to others it is sports that work for them and yet for some like Nadeska Alexis it is music journalism that they have devoted their careers to.

Since Alexis’ career as a hip hop reporter kicked off, she has been able to work with reputable media houses and has interviewed notable musicians in the cause of her job. She occupies a sensitive position in the media as it pertains to ongoings behind artists, their songs and their fans. The journalist resonates with the public especially the younger generation.

In the discharge of her duties, Nadeska Alexis has revealed a lot of information about our favorite music artists but how well do you know her as a person? Here is the biography of the Complex News employee, her net worth and everything else there is about her unknown to you.

Nadeska Alexis Wiki and Age

The 15th day of August 1986 saw the birth of Nadeska Alexis in Grenada, in Northern America. There is no reliable information about her parents, family background as well as early life; maybe she practically keeps them away from the spotlight for a reason as many other celebrities are known to do.

The Grenadian born music journalist graduated from the Binghamton University where she bagged a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism & Global Culture in 2008.

Straight out of the University, Alexis’ career kicked off in 2009 when she landed a job as a writer for AOL Music. When she had garnered exposure and technical know-how, she was hired by MTV News where she served as an editor and writer for the establishment. 

There with the MTV News media, Nadeska Alexis had interviews with the likes Pusha T and she hosted all arts, on the red carpet during the 2016 edition of the BET Awards, discussing their various Designer clothing items. Moreso, in the same 2016, she helped herald the release of the album Blank Face L.P of Schoolboy Q, a German rap artist via an interview she conducted with the rapper. 

Nadeska Alexis on Everyday Struggle with Joe Budden and DJ Akademiks
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Her contributions in the world of journalism are not fading away anytime soon as she is currently working for Complex Media where she moderates Everyday Struggle. The show deals with current topics, gossips and happenings in the world of hip hop which regularly has DJ Akademiks and Joe Budden on board. Nadeska Alexis has also been on the front banner of gossips and news of hip hop musicians, talking and writing about their lifestyles and affairs. The notable among them is Rihanna and Nicki Minaj to mention but a few.

Aside from her stints in the newsy hip hop world, she has also appeared in a couple of movies which many have come to identify her as an actress thus increasing her fold of strong admirers. The films include MTV’s Biggest Music Moments of 2014 (2014), Everyday Struggle (2017), and The After Party (2018). 

Alexis’s Net Worth

Nadeska has been in the noble news profession for over a decade and keeps attaining more heights which comes with more money, fame and lots of social connections. While she earns her monies in salaries, she also gets paid from hosting red carpets in events in the music industry. At the moment, her net worth is undisclosed but she is believed to worth thousands of dollars.

Does Nadeska Alexis Have a Boyfriend or Husband?

The pretty North American Journalist is not married yet and she is somewhat discreet about revealing the identity of her boyfriend despite the nature of her work that involves talking about other people’s affairs especially musicians.

Many have also wondered if she is gay, as much as we know, Nadeska has not admitted her sexuality to be gay. She once tweeted asking if there is an app that she could use and find a creative soul mate. Whether she has been able to find one or not still remains a question begging for an answer.

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The Everyday Struggle show

 Her Everyday Struggle show airs on Fridays from 3 to 5 pm and has garnered a lot of viewers especially musicians and music lovers.

Social Media

She is a social media influencer with many followers. She often uses Twitter and Instagram to convey messages, ask questions and updates her fans about what she is up with. Her Instagram page and Twitter account have thousands of followers.


Nadeska Alexis has joined the list of celebrities that have inked their bodies. She has a tattoo on her arm.


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