Nadine Caridi – Children, Net Worth & Facts About Jordan Belfort’s Ex-Wife

A British beauty, Nadine Caridi was once presumed to be living the dream life. The model turned therapist sprung to the limelight following her marriage to the real ‘Wolf of Wall Street’. Though she is no longer married to Jordan Belfort, his story will hardly ever be complete without mentioning Nadine. Australian actress Margot Robbie may have done justice to her role in portraying Nadine’s life in the 2013 movie The Wolf of Wall Street, but it is just an inkling into the former model’s real life. Read on to discover detailed facts…

Nadine Caridi’s Early Life

Nadine Caridi from London was born on November 6, 1962. There is a dearth of information about her parents, family background and early life. However, she was raised in the US, in a small Brooklyn neighborhood called Bay Ridge. Nadine is an alumnus of John Dewey High School in Gravesend, Brooklyn. It is uncertain what she studied for her first degree but Nadine topped up her profile with a Masters degree in Clinical Psychology from the Pacifica Graduate Institute and later obtained her Ph.D. in 2015.

As per public records, Nadine Caridi’s first career endeavour was modelling. Endowed with captivating looks, she was a successful model who worked with some top brands and featured in several popular ads and campaigns. Some of her notable modeling gigs include the poster girl for beer brand Miller Lite as well as the Monday Night Football commercials.

She Was Once Married To Jordan Belfort with Whom She Had 2 Children

Nadine Caridi has attempted marriage twice in her life. The first was her marriage to Jordan Belfort, the popular stock market mogul, motivational speaker, and author. While it lasted, the former couple had an interesting love journey. Back in her 20s, Caridi was introduced to Belfort through her then-boyfriend Alan Wilzig, at one of the lavish parties thrown by the Wall Street tycoon. Though Belfort was still married to his first wife Denise Lombardo at the time, he and Nadine fell in love instantly and began dating. Their romance continued until Belfort divorced Denise, thus finally paving the way for Nadine. After courting for a few years, the pair tied the knot in 1991 in a beautiful ceremony in the Caribbean.

Following her marriage to the business mogul, Nadine Caridi retired from her modelling career to become a full-time homemaker and socialite. Nadine Caridi seemed to have it all while married to Belfort. She lived a luxurious lifestyle and was presumably pampered by the popular stockbroker. In fact, Belfort once purchased a 1961 luxury yacht originally owned by a famous French fashion designer and businesswoman, Coco Chanel, and named it after his wife ‘Nadine’. Sadly, the yacht became history in June 1996 after it sank off the east coast of Sardinia. It was while still married to Nadine that authorities got wind of Belfort’s infamous business deals. After thorough investigations, the stockbroker landed a four-year prison sentence in 2003 although he later served only 22 months.

Together, Caridi and Belfort had two children – a son Carter and a daughter Chandler, but after more than a decade together, the couple officially parted ways in 2005. Though the erstwhile couple did not disclose the circumstances that led to their divorce, there are allegations that it is connected to infidelity on Belfort’s part, his drug addictions, as well as domestic abuse on Nadine Caridi.

Her husband’s lifestyle and notoriety as better explained in Belfort’s 2007 memoir could not go unnoticed by Hollywood executives. The Wolf of Wall Street was adapted into an eponymous film in December 2013. Directed by Martin Scorsese, the movie starred actors Leonardo DiCaprio who portrayed Belfort while Margot Robbie portrayed Nadine. The Wolf of Wall Street was not just a huge commercial success but also bagged numerous awards including 5 Academy Awards nominations.

Nadine Caridi, Jordan Belfort and John Macaluso
Nadine Caridi, Jordan Belfort and John Macaluso

Nadine Caridi moved on after Jordan Belfort. She soon found love again in the arms of New York-based entrepreneur and businessman John Macaluso. Nadine and the former CEO of Wizard World tied the knot in Manhattan Beach. The couple’s union has produced two children. Nadine Caridi is also a stepmother to Macaluso’s three daughters, Frankie, Allie and Nicky, from his previous marriage. Caridi and Macaluso who live together in Bakersfield, California are presumably in a happier place living their best lives yet.

Other Facts About Jordan Belfort’s Ex-Wife

Present Career

Nadine Caridi picked up her professional life in 2011 and began practicing as a licensed marriage & family therapist. She first worked as an intern at Manhattan Beach Community Counseling, helping both young and old in the neighborhood overcome their psychological struggles. But after two years and having acquired her marriage and family therapist license, Nadine left and started her own practice Dr. Nadine Macaluso, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in April 2013. A seasoned therapist, Nadine Caridi has been in practice for nearly a decade.

Net Worth

Nadine Caridi’s numerous endeavors as a model and therapist undoubtedly has its financial rewards. Though her exact salary and net worth have not been disclosed, the former celebrity spouse and socialite is believed to have amassed a sizeable fortune that can afford her a very comfortable lifestyle.


Nadine Caridi is actively involved in social work. She currently sits on the P.S. I Love You Foundation’s Board of Directors.


Besides spending quality time with her family, Nadine loves to unwind through a variety of fun activities including cooking, painting, and exercising.

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