Nakuru County Postal Codes For All Areas and Districts

It’s no news that most leaders of the world chose to section or divide their countries into geographical regions (counties) for easy administrations and Kenya is not left out in this modern way of structuring. In 2010, the Kenyan government, under the 2010 Constitution of Kenya recognized a total of 47 counties in the country. The size and boundaries of the counties are based on the 47 legally recognized districts of Kenya.

Nakuru County is the 32nd out of the 47 counties in Kenya and it is not just one of the largest but also the third most populated counties in the country. Nakuru County has a total of eleven sub-counties under it and each has areas and districts under them with specific postal codes, here is a list of them.

What Is A Postal Code And What Is It Used For?

A postal code comprises of a set of letters, digits, or a combination of both, which may include a space(s) or punctuation, included in a postal address for the purpose of sorting mail.

The term ZIP code is majorly used in the United States of America but other countries of the world have different names for it. For instance, Canada calls it postal codes, The Czech Republic refers to it as Postal Routing Numbers. In India, it is Postal Index Numbers, PIN,

The idea of using codes to sort out mails into regions and areas began in the US when the Post Office Department was faced with the challenge of handling a high volume of mails daily. To make the work easier, they began categorizing the U.S. into well-defined areas for easy identification and delivery of mails. The codes came in 5-digit numbers and represent individual post offices throughout the United States. The five digits are divided into three major parts, the first represents the national area, the second part represents the region or city, and the third represents the delivery area.

This system was later adopted by other mail delivery agencies around the world and has aided organization, efficient sorting, and easy distribution of mails. Kenya’s postal codes system is similar to what is obtainable across the world. The same way postal services in other countries of the world are saddled with the responsibility of allocating codes to zones and areas, the Kenyan postal service allocates each zone with their individual ZIP/Postal codes.

How Is The Nakuru Postal Code Classified?

Nakuru County is home to the popular Lake Naivasha, Lake Elmenteita, Lake Nakuru, and some of the Rift Valley soda lakes. Nakuru is further divided into sub-counties and they are eleven in total.

Nakuru’s postal coding is classified according to the sub-counties. That being said, it is expedient to note that the general postal code for Nakuru county is 2 0100 (or 20100) and some areas and districts maintain the general postal code.

Nakuru County And Its Postal Codes

Nakuru Sub-counties & Their Postal Codes

Bahati  20113
Gilgil   20116
Kuresoi North   20154
Kuresoi South   20154
Molo   20106
Naivasha   20117
Nakuru Town East   20100
Nakuru Town West   20100
Njoro   20107
Rongai   20108
Subukia 20109
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Areas And Districts Postal Codes

Areas in Bahati & their postal codes

Area/District  Postal Code
Chania  20100
Dundori  20118
Kabatini  20100
Kiamaina  20100
Kilima  20100
Lanet  20112
Wendo  20100


Areas in Gilgil & Their postal codes

Area/District     Postal Code
Eburru  20100
Elementaita  20100
Karati  20100
Karunga  20100
Kiambogo  20100
Kongasis  20100
Mbaruk  20100
Murindati  20100


Areas in Kuresoi North & Their Postal Codes

 Area/District  Postal Code
Chemare 20100
Chematich 20100
Cheptagum 20100
Ikumbi 20100
Kamara 20100
Kipkewa 20100
Koige 20100
Kongoi 20100
Kuresoi 20154
Langwenda 20100
Lulukwet 20100
Mau 20100
Mau Summit 20100
Mawingo 20100
Murginye 20100
Nyota 20100
Olubumbu 20100
Sarambei 20100
Set Kotes 20100
Sinendet 20100
Sirikwa 20100
Soliat 20100
Tulwet 20100


Areas In Kuresoi South & Their Postal Codes

Area/District  Postal Code
Ainamoi 20100
Amalo 20100
Arorwet 20100
Baraget 20100
Chebara 20100
Chebotoi 20100
Chemaner 20100
Chepakundi 20100
Chepalungu 20100
Cheptuech 20100
Emitik 20100
Geticha 20100
Irongo 20100
Kaplamai 20100
Kapnanda 20100
Kapsimbeiywo 20100
Kapugunot 20100
Keringet 20131
Kipsonoi 20100
Kiptagich 30402
Kiptaragon 20100
Milimet 20100
Ribot 20100
Silibwet 20100
Sinendet 20100
Siwot 20100
Tegat 20100
Tinet 20100


Areas In Molo & Their Postal Codes

Area/District  Postal Code
Arimi 20100
Elburgon 20102
Kabianga 20100
Kiambiriria 20100
Kiptunga 20100
Kitiro 20100
Matumaini 20100
Molo 20106
Mutamaiyu 20100
Ndoshwa 20100
Sachangwan 20100
Turi 20129


Areas In  Naivasha & Their Postal Codes

Area/District  Postal Code
Kipkonyo 20100
Kongoni 20100
Lake View 20100
Longonot 20100
Mai Mahiu 20147
Maiella 20100
Maraigushu 20100
Mirera 20100
Moindabi 20100
Mununga 20100
Ndabibi 20100
Olkaria 20100
Satellite 20100
Sokoni 20100
Tarambete 20100


Areas In  Nakuru Town East & Their Postal Codes

Area/District  Postal Code
Afraha 20100
Baharini 20100
Biashara (Nakuru) 20100
Kivumbini 20100
Lake Nakuru(Nat.Park 20100
Lanet 20112
Menengai 20100


Areas in  Nakuru Town West & Their Postal Codes

Area/District  Postal Code
Barut 20100
Kaptembwo 20100
Shaabab 20100
Baruti 20100
Viwanda 20100

Areas In  Njoro & Their Postal Codes

Area/District  Postal Code
Bagaria 20100
Chebitet 20100
Gichobo 20100
Kapkembu 20100
Kapyemit 20100
Kianjoya 20100
Kiptulel 20100
Lelechwet 20100
Loitepes 20100
Lusiru 20100
Mauche 20100
Milimani 20100
Misepei 20100
Mukungugu 20100
Naishi 20100
Ndulele 20100
Nessuit 20100
Nguriga 20100
Njoro 20107
Pwani 20100
Siapei 20100
Sigotik 20100
Sinendet 20100
Siriat 20100
Tachasis 20100
Teret 20100


Areas In Rongai & Their Postal Codes

Area/District  Postal Code
Arutani 20100
Athinai 20100
Banita 20100
Boror 20100
Chemasis 20100
Kampi Ya Moto 20100
Kamungei 20100
Lenginet 20100
Lomolo 20100
Lower Solai 20100
Makutano 20100
Menengai 20104
Moricho 20100
Ngata 20100
Nyamamithi 20100
Rongai 20108
Sumeek 20100
Visoi 20100


Areas In Subukai & Their Postal Codes

Area/District  Postal Code
Kabazi 20114
Munanda 20100
Ndungiri 20100
Nyadundo 20100
Rugongo 20100
Subukia East 20109
Subukia West 20109
Wei 20100


Why Postal Codes Are Important

Ever wondered why you are requested to add a postal code whenever you visit the post office to send out a mail or even when filling an address online?  Some have even thought that with the advancement of technology which came with technological tools like electronic maps and tracking devices, postal codes won’t be necessary, but that hasn’t been the case, the case rather is that the advancement of technology has further amplified the importance of the codes.

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Postal codes are important for quite a couple of reasons which include:

  • It completes an address. Whenever you are filling an address, whether online or offline, there is always a space provided for postal codes. In most online forms or registration, that part is usually marked compulsory without which you may not be able to submit.
  • Postal codes help to identify people in geographical areas for easy tracking, mail distribution, or even social amenities allocation.
  • Inputting the right codes when sending a mail facilitates delivery. It aids the mail people to know where the mail should go to and ensure it gets there on time.
  • With the help of postal codes, businesses are able to sort mails and shipments to ensure that the right mail and shipments reach the right customer without mix-ups and delays.
  • Postal codes are useful for credit card authorization.
  • Companies use postal codes as important data structures that give them an overall visual representation of their audience and with this, they make major marketing decisions and structures.
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