US To Begin Importing Namibian Beef Soon

Namibian beef will soon be exported to the United States and China. It will be primarily exported by Meatco, a meat corporation of Namibia.

The manager of Corporate affairs at MeatCo, Rosa Tobias, was enthusiastic about the new development in an interview with New Era. She said:

“Meatco is looking forward to this exciting milestone that will put Namibia on par with other major world-class players in the beef trade, and Meatco is more than geared up for the task ahead, which should result in the actual exports taking place within the next month.”

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In 2002, the Namibian government requested an approval to export meat products to the US. The Namibian government stated that its intention was to export boneless raw beef products like primal cuts, chuck, blade and beef trimming.

 meatco namibia

Meatco joined the application process and is now benefiting from the success of the request. On July 14, Namibia’s request was approved by the US Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS). The southern African country was added to a list of countries permitted to export beef products to the US.

The US Embassy Acting Public Affairs Officer, Steve Mraz, said:

“A final ruling from the US Food Safety and Inspection Service published on July 13 adds Namibia to the list of countries eligible to export meat and meat products to the United States.

“Specifically, the decision allows Namibia to export boneless, (not ground) raw beef products such as primal cuts, chuck, blade and beef trimmings from certified establishments to the United States.”

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Namibian beef is the first African beef product to be exported to the US and China.

Meatco is left with touching up on brand development, packaging and labeling for the US market, as well as, wrapping up its trade licence with the regulatory body in China.