Baby Laila Danae

Baby Laila Danae’s story– An unconfirmed scientific research once suggested that every normal human being exhibits 10 minutes of madness each day.

Madness is a state of mental imbalance. It occurs at different degrees to the seemingly normal and diagnosed sufferers.

There have been consistent reports of nannies who abuse children including new-borns entrusted into their care. This leads to the question of the mental health of these nannies.

A Zambian nanny is currently facing a court charge of attempted murder. The care giver was caught on camera violently flinging a 9 month old baby on her face into the cot.

According to Annemarie Theron, the mother of the victimized baby girl, Laila, she started noticing marks on her baby’s body so she decided to install a hidden camera to see what goes on in their absence.

The Nanny before the video proof claimed the baby had fallen out of the walker but Annemarie found her answer suspicious and unsatisfying.

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In the video, the nanny dressed in a blue sweater top, black trousers and head warmer walked into the room. With just one hand she roughly and carelessly held the baby’s left hand from the shoulder. She removed the pillow in the cot and flung the baby on her face into the cot. The baby was heard crying loudly as the nanny angrily yet undisturbed left the room.

Annemarie Theron contacted the police immediately and the nanny was arrested on Friday. The Zambian whose name is not yet known reportedly appeared in court on Monday to face charges of child abuse, assault and attempted murder.

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The nanny was denied bail and will remain in police custody until October.

Baby Laila Danae’s mother is grateful her baby is fine but still shudders at what untold treatments her baby has been subjected to all these while. The baby has been in the care of the nanny sine the month of May.

“It was very emotional watching it. I refused to sleep, eat or drink for a couple of days afterward. It’s difficult to imagine how long this has been going on for.”

Annemarie Theron works as a reservations and marketing manager at a lodge in Namibia.

In heartfelt Facebook post, the young mother apologized t their child and thanked all those who supported them.

“My precious baby Laila Danae, please know that we love you endlessly and we are SO SO SORRY for what you have been through!!! We thank the Lord for his protection and faithfulness, that you are still alive and still such a shining ray of light to so many people. You are so loved!! Out of the depth of our hearts we want to than EVERYONE… for ALL their love, support, calls, messages and prayers during this time!!!”

With the rate of reported child abuse, the use of hidden cameras seems to be one of the most viable options of monitoring babies and nannies.

Another suggestion will be for corporate bodies to consider the establishment of creches for their staff who need it.

In an intensely industrialized and capitalist environment, families and child-upbringing have been threatened.

Nannies are supposed to be assisting parents in taking care of their children during work hours. While some have made good records for themselves, a host of others have inflicted scars on the families that employed them.

Work establishments may have to prioritize the creation of a creches for their staff who are nursing mothers or whose children are toddlers, in order to curb these madness. Some establishments have seen the advantage in the initiative and have used it as an incentive to boost the morale of the workers.