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In the video game industry which is dominated by male participants, Naomi Kyle has carved a niche for herself. She is definitely one of the renowned women in the industry and the Canadian gamer is popularly known as the on-air host of IGN Entertainment’s video productions. She has hosted many shows and series including the IGN’s award-winning video series The Daily Fix. In addition, she is a top model who has featured in many national and international top campaigns for companies such as Guess, Adidas and Virgin Mobile. Furthermore, the multi-talented Canadian has dabbled into acting by featuring in some movies such as The Devil’s Dolls, Endgame and Mad Families.

Read on as we unravel more on the facts and everything you need to know about the famous gamer.

Naomi Kyle – Biography

Naomi Kyle was born in the lowly town of Sainte-Agathe-Des-Monts, Quebec, Canada, on January 13, 1986. She is the first of the three children born to her parents, having two younger brothers. Kyle regards her parents as her role models – as shown in her Q&A session on her YouTube channel where she further revealed that her parents were very understanding and supportive as they didn’t push her to follow any particular career path. Born in the French-speaking state, Kyle is bilingual and can speak both English and French fluently. She is also an animal lover as she has two pet cats.

With regards to her education, Naomi Kyle is a graduate of Dawson College in Montreal where she studied music and cinema. Almost soon after moving to Montreal for her study, she penned a contract with a notable modeling agency by the name Next Canada. The famous gamer followed it up by landing several national and international top campaigns for companies such as Adidas, Guess, a national TV campaign for Joe Fresh and national billboard ad for Virgin Mobile. In addition to that, she also clinched a video shoot for Elegant Wedding Magazine in 2010.

However, Naomi Kyle landed her first hosting job at the age of 22, when she was picked to host a video podcast at Gameloft. Almost soon after, she became a fan favourite as a result of her enthralling knowledge and love for the game. This actually prompted her to pursue a career in online video game broadcasting. The talented gamer leapt into stardom when she sent her self-made demo-reel to one of the largest gaming and entertainment websites in the industry, IGN Entertainment, in view of hosting one of their shows. Subsequently, she was recruited by IGN Entertainment and flown to San Francisco, California, USA, to host IGN’s award-winning popular video shows ‘The Daily Fix’.

To further broaden her horizon, the multi-talented gamer landed the role of a news reporter in the pilot episode of the TV series, Project: SERA in 2012 as she put her acting career to a start. Soon after that, Kyle landed a main role in the film GEEKS. The highlight of her short stint in the film industry includes Dead Rising: Endgame, Mad Families and Batkid Begin.

Celebrity Facts And Everything You Must Know

1. Kyle has been playing video games with her brothers on their Super NES console right from her early age to the point of getting addicted to gaming that she used her savings to buy the latest console after PSI emerged.

2. In a bid to make ends meet, Kyle worked at a family-owned music store as a saleswoman for four years when she was in college.

3. The popular model is in a relationship with Kyle O’Connor who is a graduate of California State University. He has also worked with popular gaming companies such as IGN Entertainment and Twitch before joining Blizzard Entertainment as social media content producer on October 2017.

Naomi Kyle
Naomi Kyle with her boyfriend Kyle O’Connor

4. After spending close to a year in college, Kyle switched to communication and media while she previously enrolled for a music program on jazz and piano.

5. She worked as one of the hosts of ‘The Daily Brief’ for a few months for the website.

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6. Naomi Kyle is two years older than her boyfriend, Kyle O’Connor, who was born on 21st October 1988.

7. The skilful gamer is an animal lover and this was evident when she flew from Canada to the USA in the company of her two pet cats.

8. Naomi Kyle is 5 feet 6 inches tall and has a reported shoe size of 7.5 (US).

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