Everything You Need to Know About Naomi Nelson’s Career Success and Marriage to Johnny Knoxville

As far as celebrity spouses go, Naomi Nelson is not one of the most visible. Despite a brief life working behind the scenes on the HBO show, Carnivàle, she has largely kept her interaction with Hollywood limited to public appearances with her husband Johnny Knoxville, one of the stars of MTV’s Jackass.

Noami Nelson rather spends her time being a mother to the couple’s adorable children. There are those who have wondered what might have been if she kept her budding career alive. However, from all indications, her marriage to the actor/producer which has spanned more than a decade appears to be more than enough success.

Her Small Hollywood Footprint Began as An Assistant to Producers

As per public records, Naomi Nelson’s earliest known job was behind the camera. She made her debut in the industry on the small screen as a crew member of the TV series, Carnivàle. Nelson worked as an assistant to producers in all 12 episodes of the second season of the HBO series in 2005.

Nelson did not record any credit in her filmography until 2009, which suggests that there may be a lot more to her professional history that is currently out of reach. Her comeback that year proved to be her debut as a director in a small project. She served as the co-director of a short documentary video along with 16 other people.

The 40-minutes long short documentary titled Reel Grrls 2009 Productions is a collection of short films. According to its IMDb page, it was an assignment by a non-profit after school program that taught media literacy and filmmaking to teenage girls. It has zero critical reviews and is an unqualifiable reflection of Noami’s skills.

Naomi Nelson’s only other directorial work, Fifth Star, came the following year in 2010. Based on its synopsis and crew, it may have been another school assignment for Johnny Knoxville’s wife. Not only did she direct the ten minutes documentary that is about the history of women getting the right to vote in Washington State, but she also wrote and edited the project.

Like Reel Grrls 2009 Productions, the documentary has no critical review, buttressing the presumption it was a school assignment. In the same year, she got married to The Dukes of Hazzard actor and has not worked ever since.

Naomi Nelson’s Marriage to Johnny Knoxville Has Lasted a Decade

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It is no news that Naomi Nelson is happily married to her heartthrob, Johnny Knoxville. There is a shortage of information regarding the couple’s romance from the outset. However, the belief is their common interests was a uniting factor that set the tone for a romantic bond.

Naomi and John dated for about two years before deciding to take their relationship to the next level. Convinced that John was that special person, Naomi said YES after the actor popped the big question with a 2.50-carat Edwardian engagement ring from L.A.’s Platt Boutique Jewelry. She added another ring to the humongous ring on Friday, September 24, 2010, in an ultra-private ceremony that we presume had friends and family in attendance.

Since they got married, the couple has remained together and have grown their family out of the spotlight. Following their wedding, Johnny became a husband for the second time, having been previously married to a woman identified as Melanie Cates from 1995 to 2008.

She Has Two Children with the Actor

Naomi Nelson
Naomi Nelson with her husband and two children: image source

Since they met each other and became a couple, the Nelson-Knoxville family has grown, and it began before they walked down the aisle.

In December 2009, about a year before their wedding, they welcomed a son Rocko Akira Clapp. Two years after, in October 2011, they gave birth to their second child, daughter Arlo Lemoyne Yoko Clapp. Aside from her children with the actor, she is also a stepmother to Knoxville’s lone child from his first marriage, daughter Madison who was born in 1996.

Questions about how they balance their career with home life are often asked about women who have a professional and marital life. However, having given up life behind the camera in 2010, it is a question Naomi Nelson doesn’t have to answer.

She has given her full attention to raising their children. When she is not at home, you can find her standing supportively beside her husband at industry events and other public events.

This, of course, is not to say Nelson does all the heavy lifting with the kids. When his work allows, Johnny has been available to take the reins and has notably described himself as the fun and disciplinarian dad. Nelson and her family currently live happily together at their lavish Dayton Beach house.

Naomi Nelson’s Husband is a Stuntman and Filmmaker

While Naomi Nelson’s career behind the screen ended abruptly, her husband Johnny has found huge success as a filmmaker, actor, stunt performer, and comedian. He is famed for several works like The Dukes of Hazzard, Action Point, Men in Black II, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and The Ringer among others.

Knoxville is also a producer with the production company, Dickhouse Productions. Under the company, he has produced more than 20 films and TV shows, including Nitro Circus, Bad Grandpa, and Dudesons in America.

Naomi Nelson
Her husband, Johnny, in the Jackass franchise: image source

His most successful production work is, however, the MTV reality stunt show franchise, Jackass, which he co-created and stars in. Knoxville is famous for having performed various dangerous and risky tricks on the hit TV show. In fact, he has been involved in a work accident during one of his stunt performances. The incident affected the actor’s urethra, but he was later successfully treated.

The Jackass franchise has produced a TV show that has lasted for three seasons and 25 episodes. It also has four films, with a fifth one scheduled for release in 2021. All four films have made more than $487 million at the global box office.

Presumably, the success of Naomi Nelson’s husband’s multi-decade career has enabled her to live a quieter role as the family’s homemaker. As a couple, the Nelson-Knoxville family has a combined net worth of $75 million, earned primarily over her husband’s Hollywood journey.

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