Who Is Nargis Fakhri, What Is Her Ethnicity and Who Is Her Boyfriend?

Nargis Fakhri is a notable Bollywood actress who is gradually establishing herself in Hollywood. Her debut film role can be seen in the 2011 Bollywood movie, Rockstar which earned her a nomination from Filmfare Awards under the category of Best Female Debut. Later on, Nargis played the role of a war reporter in the thriller, Madras Café in 2013 and this was followed by her appearance in the hit comedy, Main Tera Hoero in 2014. The actress then appeared in another comedy film, Spy in 2015 which was very successful and it was also her first Hollywood film appearance.

She was later seen in her second Hollywood production in 2016 when she played the role of Sarah Patel in Housefull 3. Apart from her acting prowess, the ethnicity of the talented actress has also attracted a lot of attention over the years. Nargis is known to be an American citizen, even though her ancestry can be traced to a couple of countries outside of the United States. However, being a free-spirited person, the actress believes she is a citizen of the world.

Here Is Why Nargis Fakhri Claims To Be A Global Citizen

The talented young lady was born in the beautiful city of Queens in New York City on October 20th 1979 which explains her American citizenship. However, Fakhri’s parents are not originally from the United States, rather it has been gathered that her father, Mohammed Fakhri is Pakistani while her mother, Marie Fakhri is Czech. According to the actress, her father was a businessman who had to leave Pakistan and moved to the United States seeking a better life for his family. As he intended, things turned out to be pretty good for him in the States so he based there with his wife.

Apart from Nargis, her parents also had another daughter named Aliya Fakhri but not much is known about her asides the fact that their parents annulled their marriage not too long after her birth. As at then, the actress was only a 6-year-old and to further complicate the whole dilemma their family was going through, their dad died a few years after the divorce was finalized. This left Marie, who was a police officer, with the sole responsibility to cater for her girls and she did a pretty good job at that.

The actress also revealed that even though she was raised in New York, her family maintained some Pakistani culture, especially when her parents were still together. The family would usually eat mainly Pakistani delicacies made by her mum who was quite skilled in putting the dishes together even though she was not from Pakistan. More so, she was introduced to her mother’s native dishes alongside foods from across the world as New York virtually had a lot of cultures existing there. According to Nargis, she was exposed to almost all the cultures across the world at a tender age which makes her believe she is a global citizen.

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Is Nargis Fakhri Still Single?

The dating life of celebrities are always areas of interest to both fans and critics. In Nargis Fakhri’s case, she did not just become a Bollywood star but she is also garnering fame in Hollywood as well which has in turn drawn a lot of attention to her love life. So far, the actress has actually kept very publicised relationships and details of her hookups and breakups have been making the rounds on the internet, starting with her first romance with Bollywood star, Uday Chopra to film director, Matt Alonzo, down to an alleged relationship with her co-star from Rockstar, Ranbir Kapoor but she did not date him.

Nargis Fakhri and Uday Chopra’s Romance Was Heading For Marriage

Nargis Fakhri
Nargis Fakhri and Uday Chopra

In 2014, the budding love between Bollywood stars, Nargis Fakhri and Uday Chopra seem very perfect. They enjoyed a very steady relationship and were often seen together in the coming years leading up to 2016 when talks of the pair’s split went rife on the internet. The news being circulated at the time was that Uday sent a message to the actress via Whatsapp calling off their relationship of about 2 years. This left Nargis heartbroken and she had to leave India where she was shooting a film back to New York immediately. However, Nargis’ spokesperson revealed her sudden departure had nothing to do with her break up, rather, she had some health issues that needed urgent attention.

More so, sources believed that the actress was on the verge of celebrating the news of her upcoming wedding with the world before Uday called off their relationship. Although Uday had to come online to refute the circumstances surrounding their split, he also made it known that he is just good friends with Fakhri.

The next year, the pair actually attempted to patch things up between them. They were seen spending time together in New York. It was also rumoured that Nargis was going to move in with Uday and his mum in their home as they work on sealing their relationship but that never happened. Things did not go back to normal and both parties had to severe their romantic ties for good.

The Actress Had Another Failed Relationship With American Film Maker, Matt Alonzo

Towards the end of 2017, news of Nargis having a new love interest started to spread online. It was later revealed that her latest guy was the American filmmaker, Matt Alonzo, whom she had met sometime in 2016. They actually took a liking to each other from the first time they met and the rest, as they say, is history.

The actress also confirmed their relationship in a very sweet manner on social media. She posted a picture of her hand on which she tattooed the initials of their names ‘MN’ together with crowns. It was later revealed that it was Matt’s idea for Nargis to get the tattoo done as she was initially nervous to go through with it.

In the months that followed, the lovebirds were practically always together. For Matt’s birthday on April 17th 2018, Farkhri had to organize a very memorable celebration for her beau at a nightclub in California which she booked for the whole night. She lovingly referred to him as a ‘rollercoaster’ as Matt was always fun to be around.

Sadly, the relationship met its end in the early part of 2019. Although the pair did not come out to explain why they spilt, many believed their romance became an actual ‘rollercoaster’ like Nargis’ nickname for Matt before they finally called it quits. However, sometime in March 2019, news of an alleged reunion between the pair surfaced when sources revealed that Nargis attended the director’s premiere of his film, The Film League. Both parties are yet to publicly acknowledge this though and still maintain being single to date.


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