Nasty C Fell In Love With Girlfriend Sammie at 15 – Their Love Story and His Family Members

Nsikayesizwe David Junior Ngcobo popularly known as Nasty C happens to be one of the shining lights in the South African music industry. More than writing songs and rapping, he has dabbled into music production as well. Nasty is just getting to his mid-20s but he has already accomplished a lot in his career. For instance, he was the youngest artist to receive an award at the 2015 South African hip-hop awards.

Given the things he has accomplished in his career which took off in 2013, it is only natural that his life has become something that inspires a lot of people as much as it piques their interest. One aspect of his life that is quite intriguing is his longtime relationship with his girlfriend, Sammie. The duo’s romantic journey has remained a popular tale amongst other stories about his personal life.

Nasty C and Sammie Met in High School

For someone that is famous, Nasty C has something that people in his line of work rarely have. He has a childhood sweetheart that he is still dating to date. Details of how they met aren’t really available to the public but we know this much though, that they met back in junior high at Nuz High School.

When they met, the rapper was in grade 8 while Sammie was in grade 7. They started dating the following year when Sammie turned 15 and Nasty C was in grade 9. The rapper once confirmed this in an Instagram post wherein he related that Sammie has always been there for him. Based on what he said, she is the first person ever to sing his songs to him. Nasty believes he owes a great deal of what he has attained to her and vowed to always be by her side.

Nonetheless, the two haven’t always been open about their relationship. Nasty C didn’t officially introduce her as his girlfriend until she graduated from high school. This is so because he didn’t want the paparazzi and all the buzz of showbiz to distract her from her education.

Their Relationship Survived a Sexual Crime Allegation Involving a Minor 

Nasty C and Sammie: Image Source

As earlier mentioned, the whole affair between Nasty and Sammie remained unknown to the public until the latter finished high school. But then, going public with the relationship has posed a problem for the couple as Sammie wasn’t really comfortable with all the attention she got, but she has clearly adjusted to it.

Also, most of Nasty C’s songs have been about their relationship, from a cheating scandal, to when he was “feeling too brand new” for her. According to the rapper, Sammie wasn’t okay with the first track he did about their relationship because he made and released the song without consulting her. For subsequent tracks, he consulted her before releasing it and she seems to have again adjusted to the arrangement.

While the foregoing are some of the challenges the lovers have faced, it’s nothing compared to a cheating scandal: the case of a 15-year-old girl that took to social media to accuse Nasty of sleeping with her and afterward, blocking her on all social media platforms.

At first, it seemed like something that could be ignored, but when a lot of people started talking about it and considering the girl’s age, Nasty had to say something. Responding to the allegation, the rapper asserted it was a lie, adding that he had never met the girl.

Well, the girl in question would later delete her social media accounts and seems to have vanished. No proof means no case against Nasty.

Nasty C and Sammie are Still Together and Having a Swell Time

2020 makes it 7 years of being together and during this time, Nasty C has always done something special for him and Sammie’s anniversary. Their fifth year anniversary back in 2018 was one of the most memorable ones to date. The duo took the time to chill out in Dubai and spoil themselves. Nasty wasted no time in posting pictures of their cruise in the sandy heaven. And unlike other years, she also went on tour with him as he performed in places like Australia.

Expectedly, they have had to deal with people who have disrespected what they have. Sammie once lashed out at Nasty C extremists who had issues with her listening to other rapper’s songs and attending their concerts. Another instance was a certain vlogger who labeled Sammie a “gold digger” and a “natural born failure” with zero achievements. Nasty wasted no time to clamp down on the troll.

Meet the Family Members of Nasty C

Anyone who cares to know would easily find that the famous African rapper is of South African origin. He has a father and older brother, and for a short while, a mother.

David Maviyo Ngcobo (Father)

David Ngcobo raised Nasty C and his older brother mostly all by himself. He wasn’t too happy when Nasty picked up an interest in music; like most African parents, he thought it was a waste of time. But as time went by, he came around, giving his son all the support he needed to make it in the music industry. The man has even been spotted in some of Nasty’s concerts.

Nasty said his father’s never-back-down attitude really inspired him to carry on even when things seemed difficult.

His Brother Inspired His Musical Career

Siyabonga Ngcobo is Nasty C’s brother’s name and according to the rapper, he learned most of the things he knows about music from him. Siyabonga happens to be a music producer.

As it is with his father, the rapper has a great bond with his brother. He has been a part of his career journey right from when it began and until now.

Nasty Lost His Mom When He Was 11 Months Old 

Veliswa Ngcobo is the rapper’s late mum’s name who died before he became a toddler. Reports have it that Veliswa lost her life in a car accident. Growing up without a mum must have been tough for Nasty but against the odds, he managed to pull through. Most of his earlier tracks were dedicated to her.

The rapper has since grown very fond of Sammie’s mum. He once related that she’s “cool”, narrating that he met her when he was in high school. As the story goes, he was in a taxi with Sammie and her mother joined the ride and sat behind them.

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