The Biography, Career Pursuits and Personal Life of Actress Natalya Rudakova 

Natalya Rudakova is an American actress who is originally from Russia. Rudakova gained global fame following her role as the female lead actress in the widely acclaimed blockbuster French action film, Transporter III series, where she featured alongside superstar actor and action film icon, Jason Statham. Amazingly, the Russian entertainer had no background knowledge of acting before that role, but she, however, made her mark in the movie and went on to land future roles. Her other notable movie appearances include The One (2011), Waiting for a Train (2014), and Before the Snow (2015).

Natalya Rudakova Has Her Roots In Russia

Natalya Rudakova’s born place was in Leningrad, the USSR, which today is known as St. Petersburg, Russia. Her date of birth is captured on the records as the 14th of February 1985, and she holds Russian and American citizenship but is ethnically Caucasian. Her family emigrated to the United States of America (precisely New York City) during the civil unrest in the Socialist Republic.

At the time, the situation in USSR was getting increasingly difficult. Rudakova just turned 17 when her family relocated. Though she is yet to furnish us with facts about her family, it is a known fact that she has a brother who has appeared in Instagram photos with her.

It has been alleged that the actress’ mum used to nourish her interest in acting from her formative years, by encouraging the young talent to take acting lessons and bringing her along when she visits the theater every weekend. However, this was never verified. Before her family’s relocation to the United States, the young Russian damsel had completed her elementary education in Russia, although details of her academic pursuit in Russia have not been made public.

Her Acting Stint Began After She was Discovered By Luc Besson

After her family moved over to the US, Rudakova secured a job as a hairstylist in a beauty shop in New York as she didn’t initially plan to work in the entertainment industry. Hence, her focus was on doing a mundane job to make ends meet, and perhaps, starting a hairdressing salon would have been a good idea

Fortune would later smile on her as she was discovered walking down Manhattan street by Luc Besson, a scriptwriter, and a producer, who co-wrote the Transporter III. Luc was like a godfather to the young talent as he took it upon himself to train Rudakova for about six months on acting, aiding her in developing the skills, which she has been nurturing from going to the theater with her mum.

Gradually, the seed for showbiz was implanted in the young mind of little Natalya Rudakova as she went through training and auditions. For some people, the acting prowess they exhibit onset is usually the result of long training and experience gathered from playing cameo roles in different productions before landing the starring roles. However, the case is completely different for Natalya as she bagged a leading role at her first attempt.

She Made Her Acting Debut in Transporter III

Following a successful audition, Natalya landed the role of the female lead actor, playing the character of Valentina Tomilenko in Transporter III. That’s not all; the icing on the cake was the fact that Rudakova had the rare privilege of being cast as the love interest of the renowned actor Jason Statham who played Frank Martin in the fictional action movie. For a novice in the industry, that was a big responsibility and a guaranteed in-road to success.

Natalya Rudakova
Natalya Rudakova with co-star Jason Statham: image source

The movie was a big break for her as she began garnering media attention and much-needed exposure on a global scale. With the excellent performance she showcased in Transporter III, Natalya Rudakova soon earned other roles, and in no time, the former hairstylist became a versed actress, getting more airtime on the small screen and in movies like It’s Not You, where she played the character of Shelly in 2009.

Later on, the Russian Native showed up on the set of The One-My True Love, depicting the character Alex, in 2011. Thereafter, in 2014, she was featured in Waiting for a Train, where she was cast as Adel. Rudakova was also seen in 2015 Before the Snow – an American drama, where she was cast as a nurse named Natalie. Aside from that, the actress has also appeared in other projects, including A Novel Romance, Darkest Before Dawn, Roads to Olympia, and Tell a Story. These movies paved her way to fame, bringing critical acclaims for her acting abilities as well.

Before Acting, Natalya Rudakova Once Worked As A Model

Though the awards and accolades are yet to start rolling in, The One actress is not media-shy as she has registered her presence on quite a few social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, which have both racked up more than 35,000 and 25,000 followings, respectively.

Before joining the world of the movies, the light-skinned actress also whetted her skill as a model for well-known clothing brands within the US, where she excellently served as their ambassador and model. She even has some of her works uploaded on her social media page.

The Transporter III Star Might Be Single At The Moment

Natalya Rudakova is very discreet about her love life. Although the 5 feet 9 inches tall actress has been in the entertainment industry for some time now, no man or woman has been linked romantically to her. As such, it is safe to say that the actress might be single as of this writing. But as with the media, there was a rumor making the rounds some time ago that the hairstylist cum actress was in an intimate relationship with her co-actor Sullivan Stapleton after she uploaded a picture of both of them on her Instagram page.

However, she came out to quell the rumor, saying the picture was taken in the course of her work with him. We believe that identity of her boyfriend, if any, will come to light with time. More so, she shared another photo with a man on Instagram, which led to fans inquiring if he was her boyfriend. Nevertheless, she gave no answers.

How Much Has Rudakova Made So Far?

One would not be far from the truth to surmise that Natalya Rudakova started rising through the ranks immediately she stepped her feet into the movie world. The reason is that the actress’s very first role established her in the entertainment industry, and as expected, the big bucks started rolling from then.

Besides, having mined her trade as an actress, with several other roles in the movies, there is no doubt that those years have paid off, as the actress is estimated to worth about $5 million, which is not bad at all, given the number of movies she has been featured in. With her current pace, this figure will surely increase in the nearest future.

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