Natasha Sen – Bio, Age, Wiki, Facts About David Fizdale’s Wife

Natasha Sen is a very beautiful and intelligent marketing expert and philanthropist. She founded ‘the Creative Penny’ and has added value to different companies, especially in the areas of branding and marketing strategies. She is married to David Fizdale (a renowned basketball coach) which is part of the reason she is in the spotlight. Below are all the facts you need to know about her.

Natasha Sen’s Biography & Age

The smart and beautiful Natasha Sen is of Indian and Canadian ethnicity. She was born on the 10th of June 1985. Natasha moved around a lot as a child because her stepfather was in the army. They lived in different parts of India where she learned Bengali (her mother tongue), Sanskrit, Marathi, and Gujarati, due to the multi-lingual nature of the community. She went ahead to live in London and Toronto. Natasha considers Toronto home because she lived there the longest (over ten years).

She studied Brand Development, Creative Advertising, Design, and Marketing at OCAD University from 2003 to 2008. She went ahead to Ryerson University to study HTML, CSS and Web Design in 2009.

Natasha recognized her areas of strength and interest and began to harness those skills early in life. While in school, she worked as a customer service and sales associate with The Faneuil Group for close to 3 years. She first worked in customer service and promoted the company’s products to existing and prospective customers. She then worked as an administrative assistant for Brad Lamb Realty for another 3 years. The quality of experience she gathered paid off as she finally got to work as a creative director with Elevations (Styling) in 2009. In her new capacity, she had the opportunity to explore and express herself more. She developed the brand’s identity, designed online marketing strategies, managed the company on social media, coordinated events to promote the company, amongst other responsibilities.

Natasha Sen’s official career started in Manulife Financial, Toronto where she worked as an administrative coordinator between 2007 to 2011. It was during her stay at Manulife that she learned the working of the corporate world and the private sector. She went further to work as a Marketing Manager with Print Ready Designs. In 2012, she relocated to Miami and worked as a Marketing Director with Majestic Properties for over two years.

Natasha garnered vast experience in marketing and finally founded The Creative Penny in 2014. Being an entrepreneur has given her the time flexibility to travel with her husband wherever work takes him and there is the added advantage of doing what she loves.

Natasha Sen’s Husband

Natasha Sen
David Fizdale & Natasha Sen: Image Source

Natasha Sen met her husband, David Fizdale, in Toronto and their friendship blossomed into a romantic relationship. David proposed to her twice and they had a year-long engagement before finally getting married in August 2014. The duo got married at the breathtaking Hotel Del Coronado, San Diego, California. It was a weekend affair with their star-studded guests treated to different Indian and modern festivities.

The couple presently resides in Los Angeles. They moved there when David became the new head coach for the New York Knicks of the NBA.

While they do not have any children together yet, they are parents to David’s son (Kyle Jackson) from a previous relationship.

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Facts About David Fizdale’s Wife

  • Natasha Sen is a dog lover

She has been involved in various animal welfare outreaches and advocacy. She even confessed that she met and bonded with her husband over their love for animals. During their stay in Memphis, she got the Grizzlies involved by getting them to visit shelters and holding events for dog adoption. Natasha even advocated for dog adoption instead of buying via Instagram, creating the account “Urgent Dogs of Memphis”.

  • Natasha is fiercely loyal

She started dating David when he was still an assistant coach with Miami Heat and has stuck with him through the ups and downs in his career before he finally became head coach at Memphis Grizzlies and now New York Knicks.

  • The secret behind her company’s name

She owns a marketing and design agency (The Creative Penny). The company designs logo, marketing strategy, brand building, social media management amongst others. She said about the company name that ‘Penny’ is the name of her first dog. The dog was smart, lovable, spunky and could do multiple tricks. She wanted the same mix of fun, smart and creative vibe for her company and the name also implies that they help you spend your pennies well.

  • Body features

Natasha is not only beautiful but also smart. She is a perfect blend of sass, beauty, brain, and humility. She is quite active on social media and isn’t shy to flaunt her ‘hot body’. She is 5 feet 4 inches tall and has an hour-glass figure.


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