Did Nathan Schwandt Really Date Jeffree Star For Fame Only and What Is He Up to Since The Breakup?

The YouTube world has made celebrities out of many individuals but along with this celebrity status has come unavoidable drama. Take for instance the case of Nathan Schwandt. The ordinary young chap from the American Midwest shot into the limelight after he began dating popular transgender social media influencer and makeup guru, Jeffree Star.

The couple’s relationship lasted for five years during which they proudly showed off their love to the millions of fans that Star had on YouTube. Nathan also went and over beyond in ensuring that his lover’s makeup brand grew; overseeing the shipping and adding his input to the Star Family makeup collection line. Despite all these efforts, many questioned his sincerity and pointed out that he was only with Star for fame. The relationship would eventually wreck but the detractors haven’t let him be.

Nathan Met Star Via Instagram in Early 2015

Nathan Schwandt was born in Michigan, United States, on August 18, 1993. He, alongside his younger brother, Zach, was raised in America’s Midwest. Although there are no details about his childhood, early education, parents, and what they do for a living, it is a known fact that he has a thing for skateboarding and playing the guitar. Before striking gold, he worked at a Michigan pet shop.

However, things change really fast for the young chap after he encountered Jeffree Star on Instagram in early 2015. Intrigued by Star’s personality, he slid into his DM and messaged him. Fortunately, he got a response and they spent the next few months regularly communicating; texting, face timing, and phone calls. Star later invited him out to Los Angeles so that they could see face to face. The two-day visit proved to be quite successful as the couple felt like they had known each other for years. They, therefore, decided to commence a relationship without much further ado.

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Their Relationship Lasted For Five Years During Which He Helped Star Build a Booming Makeup Empire

Nathan Schwandt and Jeffree Star officially started dating in the month of May 2015 and would remain together for the next five years during which the Michigan native proved to be quite an invaluable asset in the romance. He helped Star to stabilize his fledging cosmetics company, Jeffree Star Cosmetics, by making sure that delivery services were efficient. He also contributed to the creation of specific collections including October 2017’s Star Family Collection which featured liquid lipsticks in shades such as Nathan, Wifey, Baby, Daddy, Drama, Delicious, and Diamond.

All these led to increased followership for Star on YouTube. His company also generated handsome revenue and with that, he was able to purchase a house in Grand Rapids for the couple as well as Schwandt’s family to share. The outpouring of love did not stop at this juncture. Star described Nathan as the one for him during a post to celebrate their 3rd anniversary in March 2018. He also went ahead to buy a pricey Aston Martin, worth $155,000 for his boyfriend in July 2019. The car came in Nathan’s favorite color, lime green, and the heart-warming moment when he saw the car was captured in a video titled “Surprising My Boyfriend with His Dream Car”.

The couple also rang in New Year 2020 in a big way, moving into a splendid California mansion worth $14.6 million in January. The home boasted of eight bedrooms and 13 bathrooms which proved quite spacious for them and their four surviving dogs; Diva, Diamond, Delicious, and Drama. Other amenities in the 25,000 square-feet property included two guest houses, a spa, a two-story gym, wine cellar, movie theatre, wet bar, as well as a massive garage to hold their exotic collection of cars.

Star Defended Nathan From Allegations that he was Only Pretending to be Gay and was a Gold-digger

Going by YouTube standards, Nathan Schwandt and Jeffree Star had a relatively drama-free relationship. The drama would come after they ended things but during the time their romance lasted, things were pretty smooth. The major issue that they had to contend with was insinuations that Nathan wasn’t really gay and was only dating Star as well as other pecuniary gains. His detractors pointed to his past dating history, which comprised of just girls, as proof of their claim and wrote him off as some sort of cheap gold digger.

Nathan won’t let such weight accusations slide. He explained that prior to dating Jeffree, he was still shy and timid about his gay orientation because he was locked up in a highly-conservative setting back in Michigan. This, therefore, made him date only girls until he met Star and moved away to Los Angeles where he became a lot prouder and bolder about his identity. Thankfully for Nathan, the person he was dating had his back. Star made a video in June 2017 in which he discussed the truth about their relationship. He defended their couple dynamics and maintained that he had never known real love until he met Nathan.

The Couple attributed Their Split to Stress from living in the spotlight as well as the death of one of their Beloved Dogs

Sadly, the real love that Star spoke about in 2017 could only carry the couple up until December 2019 before it ran out of steam. The first sign of trouble came in early December 2019 when the makeup guru deleted “Wifey to Nathan” from his Twitter bio. Things then became suspicious after Nathan Schwandt disappeared from social media but Star maintained that all was fine. The makeup guru was later forced to come clean in a January 2020 video.

In the video, he revealed that they broke up a few weeks back and that he was devastated. He also alluded to the fact that the split was due to several reasons including the fact that Nathan was uncomfortable in the spotlight; the death of one of their beloved dogs named daddy in October 2018; as well as stress from the health issues that his mother was dealing with. He made it known that they still loved each other but were not in love with each other. He then stated that they would remain friends forever.

The warm feelings held for the first few months that the couple split and Nathan even dog-sat for his ex. Things later got messy down the line though. They unfollowed each other on Instagram and Star filmed several TikTok videos in which he and his friends seemingly make fun of Nathan; wondering whether Taco Bell is hiring and if the fridge in his new digs is white. The beauty guru has also come out to reveal that the Aston Martin car that he supposedly gifted Nathan was not really a gift. The car was bought in his name, and the video of him gifting the car to Nathan was just for content purposes.

This particular revelation has led to speculations that a legal battle over the ownership of the car may be imminent. This is yet to materialize though and the couple remains civil. In October 2019, they both posted a tribute on the one-year anniversary of the demise of their beloved dog, Daddy.

Nathan Schwandt Is Yet to Get Back into the Dating Scene But his Ex is Having No Such Troubles

Nathan Schwandt previously disappeared from social media in late 2019 thus making it hard to keep a track of his activities. He later came back in the middle of 2020 but has only posted sporadically including the October tribute to Daddy in which he described the pup as his little man. The Michigan native has yet to introduce the world to any new person in his life but some people have speculated that he immediately began dating a woman after dumping Star. Star refuted these allegations though and the gossip website was forced to retract it.

Speaking of Star, the makeup guru has moved on romantically. Between August and September, he was spotted chilling with basketball player, Andre Marhold. He insisted that they were just hanging out but by the time things soured, the YouTube personality admitted that they had been having sex and that he felt a little played.

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