Navigating Karpower Online Comprehensive Inventory Dashboard

Karpower online refers to the web-enabled software package that provides users with the information and necessary tools to Value, Manage, and market their vehicle inventory effectively.

Vehicle Inventory refers to the number of vehicles that a car company has in their lot at any given time. It can also refer to, in the case of a private business, the number of vehicles that a company owns.

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Generally, keeping inventories of different things are very useful for companies. it enables them to know what supply of a product they actually have in case demand for the product suddenly arises.

Karpower online is a self-described easy-to-use software that enables companies to have a vehicle inventory at hand. Karpower online is owned by Kelley Blue Book a company that has over 10 years of experience supporting Dealers’ used inventory needs.

Kelley Blue book Since or KBB has been around since 1926 and has one of the best-known names in the auto industry. They have expanded their reputation by creating resources to help people research, price and shop for the car they are looking for and Karpower is undoubtedly one of those resources but this time on the side of the seller.


With Karpower Online, people have instant access to 21 years of regionally adjusted Kelley Blue Book Retail, Wholesale and Trade-In Values for used cars, trucks, and vans with just a click of the mouse – allowing them to always “be in the know”.

Users receive updates automatically every two months with no additional installations and get a preview of the value changes through the Kelley Blue Book regionally adjusted Advance Sheet — or “Red Sheet”.

In fact here is a full list of benefits for using Karpower online;

  • Weekly Values – enjoy Kelley Blue Book’s comprehensive set of vehicle values updated every week for 51 regions (one for each state plus the District of Columbia).
  • Used car values and New car prices.
  • Certified Pre-Owned, Suggested Retail, Lending Value, Auction, and Trade-In values for used vehicles.
  • MSRP, Fair Purchase Price, and Invoice for new vehicles.
  • Color value adjustments for used vehicles
  • VIN Decoding for both New and Used vehicles.
  • Residual Values online and in reports for New Vehicles.
  • Value Trend Reports – see at a glance the vehicles with the greatest increase or decrease in value.
  • Inventory Management: Manage Used and New Car inventory. Easily update your inventory with the latest Kelley Blue Book values on a weekly basis.
  • Mobile KARPOWER (m.karpower): Mobile vehicle booking at your fingertips (additional fees may apply).View comprehensive values for used vehicles on your handheld device and automatically integrate with KARPOWER Online.
  • CARFAX and AutoCheck integration. Using your CARFAX and/or Experian AutoCheck account, automatically retrieve vehicle history reports.
  • DMS integration. Connect with your Dealer Management System for automatic updates to your inventory.
  • File Exports: You can export your inventory into text, spreadsheet, or xml formats.
  • Web Exports: Get your inventory published to retail websites (additional fees may apply) and updated on a nightly basis.
  • Reports: Customize and personalize reports on your inventory, or use pre-existing valuation reports for Used and New Vehicles.
  • Stickers: Use KPO to print sticker information on Kelley Blue Book approved sticker stock.
  • Warranties: Use KPO to print Buyer’s Guide information on Kelley Blue Book approved Buyer’s Guide stock.

The most popular feature in KARPOWER Online is the stickers. The Kelley Blue Book branded window stickers can be printed for a single vehicle or a dealer’s entire used-vehicle inventory. Kelley Blue Book window stickers allow dealers to display the Kelley Blue Book seal, consumer-trusted Kelley Blue Book Suggested Retail Price and the dealer’s reduced price on each vehicle. In 2006, more than three million used and certified vehicles were sold in the U.S. displaying Kelley Blue Book window stickers.

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The minimum system requirements to run Karpower Online are;


  • Personal computer or laptop
  • Microsoft Windows 7 SP1
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.0 and above, or Firefox 18.0.1, Chrome(current version) on Windows
  • Safari, Firefox, and Chrome(all current Versions) on Mac Snow Leopard and above
  • Internet access
  • Adobe Reader 10.0
  • Personal or business computer or laptop
  • Microsoft Windows 8.1 or above, 32-bit and 64-bit
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 9.0 or above


  • Persistent broadband Internet connection
  • Adobe Reader 11.0 or above

Not supported but the following should work:

  • Safari on iPad with the exception of certain features such as stickers cannot be customized and printing and file exports depend on the environment.
  • Mac: older OSX versions with Safari.
  • iPhone IOS 4 and above using Safari
  • Most Android phones
  • It is unknown whether other smartphones, such as Window 8 will work with m.karpower.