Nayyera Haq’s Bio – What To Know About Her Husband, Parents And Family

Nayyera Haq can take anyone on political debates as well as discussions on social issues affecting many. Her ability to masterfully deliver her stance on every issue or political debate has made her a regular face in morning and evening news media platforms. This is not a common feat especially for someone from her kind background. She probably became so eloquent and intelligent from the knowledge acquired via intensive studies, education and adequate early exposure.

Haq is a seasoned American social and political commentator, TV personality, and On-Air Personality (OAP) well known for her political views. Moreover, she is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Avicenna Strategy Company (a Public Affairs organization), a one-time Senior Director of White House on National Security and Economy policy implementation, and a former Spokeswoman for States Department among other notable appointments.

Nayyera Haq’s Bio

Nayyera Haq was born on 1st October 1981 to Pakistan immigrant parents in one of the five boroughs of New York City known as Staten Island. She received her first-degree education from the University of Michigan where she bagged a bachelors degree in History Studies and followed it up with a masters degree in Law and Journalism from the private research academy institution, Georgetown University, Washington D. C, United States of America.

The season talk queen is a devout Muslim who has been very loud with her political opinions and had criticized some of Donald Trump’s moves and actions, especially as regards his treatment of Muslims and blacks.

A young Nayyera Haq first stepped into the public eye when she took up the position of the media adviser for Nancy Pelosi, a one-time Democratic leader. From there on, the communicator worked for the government agency for Children’s Defense Fund as their Spokeswoman in 2006.

Her excellent work earned her a bigger platform as Director of Communications for former president Barrack Obama’s campaign trail where she helped to ensure smooth publicity and communication with the people. Nayyera’s career heightened with her appointment as Spokeswoman for the US Department of Treasury where her outstanding and trailblazing contribution called attention to her and scored her the position of a Senior Director in the White House.

After the democratic government lost power to the Republican candidate Donald Trump, Nayyera Haq found work as an OAP hosting a show for the satellite radio station Sirrus XFM Radio Incorporated, and writing for some notable news blogs such as the CNN, Root among others while running her own outfit.

Is Nayyera Haq Married, Who Is Her Husband? 

Nayyera Haq
Nayyera Haq her husband with their son Idris – Instagram

The beautiful and intelligent commentator is actually married to a black American man whose name and identity as of now are largely unknown. The couple’s union has been blessed by an adorable cute boy named Idris who was born in November 2016.

Her husband’s name may not be known in any media so far but one fact we know is that he is a veterinarian Physician committed to his family and career. He has a sibling whose Instagram account name is Chocolateyvetdoc, is better known as Tem Kofie and she is also a medical doctor. The two have got a lot of love between them as they are quite supportive of each other. They have been involved in charities, one of such as the Charity race at the Historical Black College University (HBCU). Beside her, it is not known if he has any other siblings or even where they are.

>The OAP and her husband have been known for spending good time together away from their individual busy schedules. Her social media handles tell the story of her family life in pictures especially her son Idris who she flaunts regularly on platforms such as Instagram.

Family and Parents

Although the names of Nayyera’s parents are undisclosed just like her other personal details, we know that they are immigrant of Pakistani origins. As regards their occupations, her website describes them as public servants working as a teacher and a physician respectively. Other information about whether or not she has siblings are not available at the moment especially because the star is not one to disclose so much. Her family has a strong Islamic background and that is the religion she was raised in.


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