Guideline To Getting NBAZ Charity Funding

The National Bank of Arizona (NB|AZ), founded NBAZ Charities in 2015 and began awarding grants from the programme in 2016. NBAZ is Arizona’s largest full-service community bank

NBAZ has been a part of communities across the state of Arizona for over 30 years. It provides the citizens of Arizona and Arizona businesses with banking and financial services. Such services as provision of small to mid-size business loans help to ignite and sustain the entrepreneurial spirit needed to fuel Arizona’s economy.

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The bank formed NBAZ charities to provide support and resources to Arizona non-profit agencies. It does this by generating awareness, volunteering efforts and semi-annual grants.

NBAZ President Keith Maio said at the launch of NBAZ charities;

“The mission of NBAZ Charities is to provide support and resources to non-profit agencies here in Arizona. NBAZ Charities is a result of the history, evolution and heart of NBAZ.”

As such, NBAZ charities represents all four of NBAZ’s value pillars: Giving, Fundraising, Corporate Citizenship and Employee Engagement.  From the outset, the charity wanted to focus on the areas of Affordable Housing, Economic Development, Arts and Culture, Education, Community Services, Health/Human Services and Neighborhood Stabilization.


NB|AZ Vice Chairman, Deborah Bateman said that the employees of NBAZ are going to be very involved in the charity. According to her;

“What we are most excited about is the level to which our employees across the state will be involved in the grant process,”

“A dedicated Employee Advisory Group will provide recommendations and input to the grant committee. This aligns so closely with our core values and supports our already active Community Reinvestment initiatives.”

Funding of NBAZ charities was to come from various NB|AZ fundraising and sponsorship efforts and events.

Eligibility Requirements for getting NBAZ Grants

  • Any Arizona 501(c)(3) organization, government agency, tribal entity, or school that operates with fiscal accountability and responsibility. Religious organizations may apply for funding of non-sectarian programs.
  • Organizations must demonstrate a non-discrimination policy regarding staff, employment, governing board and service delivery based on race, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, disability or national origin, and provide evidence of the policy.
  • Organizations without 501(c)(3) status must use a fiscal agent to apply on their behalf. Fiscal agents must have a visible profile on the ACF website, and also be a 501(c)(3) organization.
  • Applicant organization must be fully authorized by its board and other applicable partners/collaborators to submit this application.
  • Funds awarded will be provided only to organizations or programs serving the geographic boundaries of the state of Arizona.
  • Organizations that receive other monetary donations or sponsorship from National Bank of Arizona will not be eligible for employee-funded grants.

How to Apply for NBAZ Grants Online

If you fit all the eligibility criteria above and your organization has an ACF profile:

Go to the Arizona Community Foundation’s grants page on their website at

If, however, you fit the eligibility requirements but your organization does not have a registered ACF profile:

You can register your organization by going to and selecting “Grantee Login” to sign up. Once you are registered, you may begin the LOI or application process by starting a new application. You can also edit organizational information once you have logged in and attached your organization to your profile.

If you require assistance with technical questions regarding the online registration and application, contact the Competitive Grants Management Team at [email protected] or 602-381-1400.

All users will be required to update and complete their organizational profile before being able to submit any grant application.

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Tips for Submitting your NBAZ grants application

  • Do not wait until the deadline date to set up your organization’s profile and apply.
  • During the last week of any grant cycle’s duration, due to the volume of inquiries, you will likely have limited access to ACF technical support.
  • It is recommended that the application be prepared offline in a text editor such as Microsoft Word to ensure a duplicate exists.
  • There are new fields in the organizational profile to complete. Be sure to update and complete the profile before submitting your proposal.
  • Narrative responses are limited to the maximum word count. You do not have to use all the words. Only provide information that is pertinent.
  • Review applications for spelling and grammar errors.
  • Check for an email notification indicating that your application has been submitted.
  • Update your browser. Google Chrome is the recommended browser.

NBAZ Review and Evaluation Process

All grant proposals will be reviewed through a competitive evaluation process. The reviewers will be reading the applicants’ online profiles on the ACF website to obtain information on the organization which is why it is necessary to update your organization’s profile before submitting your proposal.

First Screening of Applications

First screening of applications is completed by the NBAZ Charities Employee Committee

All applications received by the deadline will be reviewed by committee members.


Second Screening of Applications

Applications that pass the first panel will be evaluated by the NBAZ Charities Leadership Committee

Evaluation criteria consists of a point system awarded for impact on community need, measurable benefits, plan for sustainability, partnerships, goals and objectives clearly stated, measurable outcomes, population served, reasonable budget, and whether the project/organization enhances collaboration with other community organizations and/or agencies.