Beyond The Negative Publicity, Ethiopia Is Still A Beautiful Place

Even with the series of Oromo-government clashes, Ethiopia’s beauty is undeniable.

Ethiopia still has loads of beauty and goodness to offer Africa and the world.

As at July this year, Ethiopia and Rwanda were the top most economies in sub-Saharan Africa. The report said that Ethiopia held the top spot with regards to recent progress in the well-being of citizens.

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Taking the radar to wildlife, Ethiopian beauty will not be complete without mentioning that Ethiopia is one of the most naturally wealthy and endowed nations in Africa.


Ethiopian tourism for one has grown to the point that it has generated about $3.4 billion in earning for the country in the past one year.

The African nation, which has existed for about 3000 years, has about 9 world heritage sites and a rich ancient culture.


The culture and tourism ministry confirms that there are about 88,000 foreign tourists and more who visit Ethiopia monthly. Economically speaking, Ethiopia is not doing badly.

However there are fears that the series of protests which have begun to affect foreign businesses in the region might affect the economy as well.

Did you know that Ethiopia, which was rarely colonized, has always been one of the most stable countries in Africa?

In partnership with the Chinese government Ethiopian roads witnessed a modification. The partnership of both countries birthed the construction of the Addis Ababa Adama expressway located at Oromia Regional State.

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The toll road, which was constructed between 2012 and 2014, connects the capital city Addis Adaba to Adama. It has 6 lanes on two sides for its 84.7-kilometre (52.6 mi) length

Ethiopia-wind farm

Ever heard of the Ashegoda Wind Farm? The farm uses renewable energy for its businesses and is located 18 kilometers outside the city of Mekelle.

The 120-megawatt wind farm contains 84 turbines and is expected to contribute 400 million kilowatt hours of energy to the grid each year. Ashegoda is the continent’s largest wind farm.

Ethiopian Beauty

All of the above and much more makes up the undiluted Ethiopian beauty. Perhaps these elements of beauties could make the nation as a whole work towards a bigger and better picture for all.

Let’s keep the peace.