Netflix And Chill Presents A World Of Possibilities To Africa

Bringing with it formidable goodwill and a veritable minefield of questions regarding accessibility and cultural intent, streaming giant Netflix has indeed launched in Africa. A feat that had seemed far-fetched at best, is now a living, breathing reality.

In true African re-activity style, social media received the brunt of the Netflix launch in Africa with the terms Netflix and Chill becoming almost instantaneously well known assertions on the lips of practically every African.

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However, above all of the excitement and relieve that flooded the people’s minds, some interesting questions raised by the streaming giant’s presence in Africa include the following;

Question Number 1 – How will Africa’s telecommunication bodies step up to the plate to provide sustainable and affordable connectivity to allow for the enjoyment of this service? netflix-600x300

To whom much is given, much is equally expected. Seeing as the idea of streaming online means more business for telecommunications company, there is the need for better network delivery to allow customers enjoy their money’s worth.

Etisalat Nigeria has already made efforts to this end by including in their apps, specific data bundle Smartpaks a bundle that allows Nigerians to enjoy 2 hours of streaming on Netflix for 400 naira only. It is now left to see how welcome this idea is and what innovations other telecommunication networks will come up with.

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A lot of African twitter users seem to think so, good-naturedly and sarcastically ribbing them for their limited and repeated programmes and poor customer service. But generally, the healthy competition will make the other streaming bodies wake up from their slumber and give better service to paying customers.netflix4

Question Number 3 – Will Netflix adapt to local needs? How will the streaming giant resolve issues with local payment methods like mpesa and local visa.

There is no doubt that the presence of Netflix in Africa positions us for a world of possibilities, from breaking free from the almost stifling choke hold that Dstv has with their exorbitant rates to building solid friendships over Netflix and chill with your favorite shows. There is also the consideration of adding local content to their already massive library and therefore promoting local media involvement.

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