Netflix boss

Netflix is, without a doubt, the largest streaming service in the world. The company made its fortune by streaming movies and TV show but Netflix boss, Reed Hastings, is already looking towards a future where that will no longer be enough.

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Honestly, it is a difficult future to imagine in this day and age where binge-watching has become a part of most daily routines, but the Netflix boss spoke at the Wall Street Journal’s WSJD event and gave an idea of what he considers that future to look like.

Netflix boss

Reed Hastings opined that in the long term, movies and shows “will be like the opera and the novel,” (taken here to probably signify their declining popularity) indicating that there “would be substitutes” that make their way into the mainstream. He was asked what he believed those substitutes would be and Hastings said that Netflix’s long-term challenge was to figure that out.

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The Netflix boss spoke about how Netflix has already diversified from its initial setup by spending heavily on stand-up comedy, documentaries, and indie films to add to its list of licensed TV series and movies. He, however, had some other outlandish concepts up his sleeves to present to the crowd on where the entertainment industry would go next.

Netflix boss

One such outlandish substitute put forward by the Netflix boss was a futuristic entertainment drug that viewers could take to experience an evening of entertainment without needing to impact their monthly download caps.

In essence, a pharmalogical answer to entertainment. The entertainment seeker would just pop a pill and await the time of their life, sounds a lot like doing hard drugs but Netflix’s imaginary fun drug is expected to be safer.

Netflix boss

Although he brought up the outlandish idea, Hasting’s did not say if the company was already in labs working on the drug that seems like it would be straight out of a sci-fi movie and not a very good one at that.

Just imagine a couple of scientists in a lab seeking for ways to condense hours of entertainment into a safe, marketable drug; Netflix and pill anyone?

No, thank you.