The New Mercedes E Class Drives Itself

In this era, autonomous cars seem to be the in-thing and the Maybach isn’t left behind.

The 2017 Mercedes E Class comes with spectacular attributes, among which is the ability to drive itself.

The Mercedes E class is no doubt one of the best and major creation by the Mercedes-Benz manufacturers. The executive cars sold 13 million units by 2015 making it in certainty the best selling model of the Mercedes-Benz cars.

The catchphrase for the 2017 E class is ‘Next generation intelligent drive’ referring to the new model’s advance technology.

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The E class features an autonomous braking technology. This technology allows the driver to be warned of any looming threat. The feature also includes the provision of an interior support that allows the emergency breaks to be used autonomously.

The safety component allows the driver to be secured to the seat in case of an accident. The break feature is also applied in consideration of cars around the E Class. Other tech features include changing lanes, recognizing speed limits and adjusting the drive pilot accordingly.

With these features, the car can drive itself although there will be need for the car to know that there’s a human in the car. This is usually understood through the frequent movements the driver makes in the car.

“With the interior of the new E-Class, we are giving a new interpretation to the concept of contemporary luxury,” said Hartmut Sinkwitz, Head of Interior Design at Mercedes.

“We have designed a spacious and intelligent interior. True to Mercedes-Benz’s design philosophy of sensual purity, it employs technological innovation and high-grade equipment to create an exceptionally emotive experience for driver and front passenger.

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“The E-Class thus not only sets a new standard in the business class. Alongside a workplace and private environment, it also becomes a third place – a living area in which passengers are able to enjoy contemporary luxury.”

The E Class is not the first semi autonomous car to be produced. Other brands which this Mercedes model rivals include Volvo S90, Audi A6, and others.