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If you are a fan of the NBC sitcom, Superstore, then you will definitely know Nichole Bloom. However, if you are not, then introductions are in order. Nichole Bloom is a Japanese/Irish-American actress who is making waves in Hollywood. She has appeared in many movies and TV series, as well as several award-winning indie productions. In the modern day Hollywood where there is a lot of emphasis on ethnic diversity and inclusion, Bloom is contributing her own quota to changing the narrative.

Nichole Bloom Biography

Nichole Sakura O’Connor was born on the 15th of December 1989 in Santa Clara, California. She spent her formative years in Bay Area, San Francisco and obtained her high school diploma from Santa Susana High School. After that, she attended the University of Southern California where she studied theatre. Bloom was quite an exceptional student and received her B.A., in visual and performing arts studies, in just three years. Nichole Bloom first fell in love with acting when she was quite young.

As a child, she loved nothing better than doing funny voices and recreating movie/TV characters. She, therefore, begged her parents to help her get an agent. Her parents were quite supportive of her ambitions and when she was 14, they relocated the entire family to Los Angeles so that she could get better opportunities. In Los Angeles, Bloom took drama classes to hone her skills and also got an agent. Her agent, however, warned her that she would have to work extra hard to make it in Hollywood due to the fact that she was mixed-race.

Movies and TV Shows

Nichole Bloom landed her very first role in 2010 in the short independent film, Everyday. After that, she appeared in yet another short indie film, Carpool, in 2011. The Bay Area native finally rose to the limelight in 2012, thanks to the comedy movie – Project X. The film revolved around three friends, Thomas, Costas, and J.B., whose plans to throw an epic party goes awry. Bloom played the role of J.B.’s girl and even though the movie received poor reviews, it was nevertheless popular with the viewing public as it grossed $102.7 million on a budget of just $12 million.

Since her breakthrough on Project X, Nichole Bloom has appeared in other movies such as Full Circle, Man Up, Teenage Cocktail, Lazer Team 2 and Model Minority. In Model Minority, Bloom played the lead role of Kayla Tanaka, an aspiring artist who becomes involved with drug dealers after the fallout from her dysfunctional family. The film received several awards including best narrative feature at the 2012 Asian American International Film Festival and best micro-budget feature at the 2013 London Independent Film Festival. Additionally, Bloom also received the best newcomer award (special jury prize) at the 2012 VC FilmFest Los Angeles Asian Pacific Festival.

Apart from the movies, Nichole Bloom has also featured in several TV series including Teen Wolf (2014), Grey’s Anatomy (2014), Shameless (2014 – 2016), OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes (2017) and Superstore (2015). Superstore is an NBC sitcom about the employees at a fictional store known as Cloud 9. In the show, Blooms plays the role of Cheyenne, a pregnant high schooler who is an associate at the store. Her character later gives birth and subsequently marries her baby’s father. Superstore has received high ratings and positive reviews with Variety describing it as a “funny, pointed, and essential workplace comedy”.

Nichole Bloom
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Personal Life

Bloom hails from a family of four. Her father is Irish American and his name is Kevin Kelly O’Connor. Her mother, on the other hand, is Japanese and her name is Kinuko Mizuno. The actress also has an elder brother. Nichole Bloom has disclosed that she hopes to be a filmmaker someday. According to her, she and her brother made a lot of short films when they were growing up and she retains that passion for filmmaking. The young lady is already working towards her dreams as she has a short film to her credit. Titled Kiko in America, the short comedy revolves around a girl who relocates from Japan in order to make her life in Los Angeles. Bloom not only co-directed the film but also wrote the script.


Even though Bloom portrays a pregnant high schooler who later gets hitched, on Superstore, her real-life circumstance is pretty much tame in comparison. She does not have any boyfriend, at least to the best of public knowledge. There has also not been any rumours linking her romantically with any of her co-stars or other actors for that matter. The Bay Area native is pretty much focused on building an accomplished Hollywood career.

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Other Facts about Nichole Bloom

  • She is 5 feet 7 inches tall (1.7m) and weighs 110 lbs or 70 kg.
  • The actress is very fluent in the Japanese language having been taught by her mom.
  • She honed her acting skills at the Upright Citizens Brigade and the Groundlings Theatre.
  • Bloom is also a model and has appeared in commercials for the clothing brand, American Apparel.
  • She voiced the role of Em Davis in the 2015 Sony video game, Until Dawn.
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