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Most millennials would confess that Nick Carter alongside the other members of the boy band Backstreet Boys totally made their childhood! This talented musician has been an international sensation for more than two decades now and still, he continues to shine. His music circles around the genres pop, pop rock, R&B, and dance. We’ve dug into the sensational man’s history to get more information about his carer and personal life. To find out more about this handsome superstar, keep reading.

Nick Carter’s Bio and Age

His full name is Nickolas Gene Carter and he was born on the 28th of January, 1980, in Jamestown, New York in the United States of America. He was born to father Robert Carter, a bar owner and mother Jane Elizabeth Spaulding. This young man comes from diverse roots as his mother comes from Welsh, Irish, German, English, and American ancestry. He grew up alongside 5 siblings named Bobbie, Jean, Leslie, Aaron, and Angel. Pretty large family!

For this musical star, it all began at an early age for him as his mother enrolled him in ballet and tap class at a school called Karl and DiMarco’s School of Theatre and Dance when he was only ten years old. His mother was inspired to do this after she heard him singing and realized how much talent and potential he possessed.

From this tender age, Nick began starring in commercials, and even talent shows all across the state of Florida. This young man is a survivor of bullying as he describes himself as a weird kid who was constantly bullied by his peers and was only friends with the elderly. He landed his first role at Miles Elementary School’s production of Phantom of the Opera where his performance was so memorable, it earned him tears from the eyes of the audience and a standing ovation.

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In 1990, this child star featured in a movie alongside the legendary Johnny Depp called Edward Scissorhands. It appears being in groups came naturally to Nick as he was placed in a group as early as 1989 called Nick and The Angels.

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Growing up was a little rough for Nick Carter as his parents were always fighting and screaming at each other. His friends at that time ended up either dead, addicted or convicted and music became the perfect escape for Nick. When he was only 11 years, he auditioned to be a part of the Backstreet Boys but didn’t get selected right away. A week later, however, he was reconsidered and made an offer. That, perhaps, was the start of a musical journey for Nick.

Apart from being the youngest member of one of the most popular music groups ever, Nick Carter is also an actor. He appeared in an NBC show called American Dreams in 2001 and also in ABC’s 8 Simple Rules in 2003. He has also had a bite in the world of reality television as, alongside his siblings, he starred in their own reality show which premiered on the 2nd of October 2006. The show was called House of Carters and featured all 5 Carter Siblings. In 2013, he, alongside other members of the Backstreet Boys gang appeared in the movie This is the End.

Nick Carter’s Family – Siblings, Wife, and Son

Nick Carter
Nick and younger brother Aaron

This musical sensation grew up in a pretty large family and has 5 siblings named Bobbie, Jean, Lesley, Aaron, and Angel. Aaron and Angel are twins. He also has step-siblings! Nick Carter’s father has a daughter from an earlier marriage and she is named Ginger Carter. In 2004, Nick’s father remarried a woman called Ginger R. Elrod and they have a son together.

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On the 23rd of February, 2013, Nick Carter proposed to his long-term girlfriend of 5 years, Lauren Michelle Kitt. Lauren is a fitness expert and also a YouTuber. On the 12th of April, 2014, the two love birds tied the knot in Santa Barbara, California in the presence of family and friends.

Despite suffering a miscarriage, the two love birds welcomed their first child on the 19th of April 2016. They named him Odin Reign Carter and on the 24th of May 2019, the couple announced that they were expecting their second child.

Is He Gay?

Nick Carter is currently a married man with a wife and a child. And thanks to the announcement the couple made, it’s a well-known fact that they have another child that’s on the way. Looking at how things are for him, it would be safe to imagine that Nick Carter isn’t gay. His younger brother Aaron, however, had opened up about being bisexual but later recanted his claim saying that the intention of his words was misconstrued.

Net Worth

It doesn’t take much to imagine how a career like Nick Carter’s would have allowed him to gain a huge net worth. Joining the critically successful Backstreet Boys, appearing in different movies, and also having his own reality TV show has helped him grow a net worth estimated at $35 million.

Height and Body Measurements

Nick Carter stands at a comfortably tall height of 6 feet (1.83 meters). He has a body weight of 165 pounds (75 kg) and spots dark blue eyes with dark brown hair.

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