Was Nick Carter More Successful With Backstreet Boys or as a Solo Artist and Who Are His Family Members?

Boy bands are undoubtedly an integral part of the music industry. Over the years, there has been an array of boy bands and this includes Backstreet Boys. It was with this band that Nick Carter came to be famous; Carter was one member of the five man band that rose to superstardom. However, his career began before he joined the group.

As part of Backstreet Boys, he was able to transform his initial popularity to international fame and continue to grow his career. But Nick Carter did not achieve the heights he has gotten to on his own, his family played a big role in his success. However, they also almost ruined his chances of having a successful career.

Nick Carter Almost Lost The Chance To Join Backstreet Boys

The official creation date of Backstreet boys is April 20, 1993, but the boys had been singing together for much longer. Thirteen-year-old Nick Carter, in a bid to build a career in music, was attending a number of auditions for different shows when he met Howie Dorough and AJ McLean. The three boys realized that they were good at harmonizing together so they formed a trio but shortly after, they met Kevin Richardson who also turned out to be a great singer.

Their group progressed from having three members to having four. In 1992, McLean answered an ad for a vocal group that had been put in the paper by Lou Pearlman. After auditioning, Pearlman decided to pick him as the first member of the group. Subsequently, the other three boys auditioned and were selected by Pearlman but Nick Carter had issues with his family which almost affected his chances with the group. 

Carter had also auditioned to be part of The Mickey Mouse Club around the same time. His mother wanted him to join the Disney group so he could still remain in school. However, her plans did not come to fruition. Kevin Richardson’s cousin, Brian Littrell, was soon invited to join the group; and when it seemed that Backstreet Boys would be created, Nick Carter made the choice to abandon The Mickey Mouse Club and join Backstreet Boys. 

He Found Incredible Success While With The Backstreet Boys 

In 1996, the group released its first album Backstreet Boys, after three years of making music, performing in different locations in the country, and trying to get a record deal. They got their first record deal in 1994. Their first single, We’ve Got it Goin’ On, was not a huge success as it only peaked at number 69 on the U.S. chart. This changed with the release of their debut album which was a major hit in Europe, particularly Germany.

Their next album Backstreet’s Back was released in 1997 and was also a success internationally but it was not until 1999 with the release of Millennium, their third album, that they achieved stardom. Throughout the progression of the band’s growth and success, Nick Carter remained an important member of the band; as the band grew in fame and wealth so did he. 

The Backstreet Boys have sold more than 100 million copies of their records globally, making them the boy band with the most amount of music sold in the world. Apart from rock band Led Zeppelin, they are the only other group to have all their first ten albums get to the top 10 on the Billboard 200. The success they enjoyed and still enjoy was experienced by all members of the group, including Nick Carter. 

He Has Released Three Albums In His Solo Career 

In the tradition of bands, Backstreet boys went on a hiatus in 2002, but this was not their initial intention. The band had planned to leave The Firm, the company that managed them, but then Nick Carter decided to stay with the company and asked them to manage his solo career which they did. Although they all returned to the music scene in 2004, Carter still continued his solo career.

As a solo artist he has released 3 albums, his first, Now or Never was released in 2002. In the week it was released, the album got to the 17th position on the Billboard 200 chart and sold 500,000 copies; it was also a success internationally.

His second album, I’m Taking Off, came in 2011 and was an international success as well, selling more than 20,000 copies in Japan and reaching number 8 in the country. All American, his third and most recent album was released in 2015, but it was not as successful as his first two solo albums. 

The Achievements Of His Solo Career Does Not Compare To What He Has Achieved With The Boy Band

Nick Carter has been able to build an enviable career; this feat was achieved with the work he did with Backstreet Boys as well as in his solo career. However, the success of his solo career pales in comparison to what he achieved as a member of the Backstreet boys.

It is no longer news that the group has sold over a million copies of their music. They have also won numerous awards over the years. Nick, alongside Backstreet Boys, has bagged up to nine awards at the Grammys. The group has also won five Billboard Music Awards and has also gone ahead to receive awards at the American Music Awards and MTV Video Music Awards.

Nick Carter, on the other hand, has not done the same with his solo career. Although his music has attracted lots of fans and followers, it has not received the same recognition as that of Backstreet Boys.

Whilst making music, Carter has also explored the acting world. In the early 2000s, he appeared in films like The Hollow, Kill Speed, and a few others. He has also appeared in a series of reality shows like House of Carter, and I Heart Nick Carter.

His Family Of Origin Is Far From Perfect

Nick Carter showed signs of being talented while he was still a child, this prompted his mother, Jane Elizabeth Spaulding, to sign him up for voice and dance lessons. She also made him partake in commercials as well as talent shows. However, he did not have a rosy childhood, his parents were prone to fighting and this affected the peace he should have been exposed to as a child.  

Nick Carter
Nick and younger brother Aaron

His mother’s influence on his talents is one of the reasons Nick Carter is famous today, but she was also very controlling and wanted what she thought was best for her son. When he was to pick between Mickey Mouse club and Backstreet Boys in 1993, she wanted him to go with the former which would have caused him more trauma, as he would have had to remain in a school where he was being bullied. 

Nick Carter’s family of origin is far from perfect and so is his relationship with one of his brothers, Aaron. Nick has a restraining order against Aaron who is a rapper; the restraining order became necessary after Aaron threatened to kill Nick’s wife who was pregnant at the time. Aaron’s twin sister, Angel, was also granted a restraining order against her twin on the grounds of domestic violence.

Nick Carter Is Married To Lauren Kitts, A Fitness Instructor

Nick Carter
Nick Carter and Wife, Lauren: image source

In 2008, when Nick Carter was having a small party at his home in California, he met Lauren Kitt who works as a fitness expert and trainer. She is also a YouTuber and an actress. 

Five years after they met, Carter proposed and the two were married by April of 2014. Their first child, a son named Odin Reign Carter, came two years after they got married and in October of 2019, they had their second child – a daughter named Saoirse Reign Carter.

Nick and his wife, Lauren, are both very active on social media and if their posts are anything to go by, then the Carter family are definitely living their best lives at the moment.

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