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Whatever one might think of YouTube and its many content creators, there is no denying that it has become one of the largest congregations of super talented people. Financially, socially, YouTube has become one of the most important and influential platforms in the world, minting millionaires every year as they provide the world with different kinds of content. As such, these creators have risen to become global stars, becoming celebrated personalities at the click of a button. One of these creators is Nick Crompton. On both YouTube and Instagram, he is one of the most popular faces in the social content community. He is also a former member of the popular YouTube team, Team 10. Learn more about him and his controversial decision to leave Team 10 below.

Nick Crompton – Biography, Age

Nick Crompton is one of the few English YouTubers who has made the transition to Los Angeles, home of popular YouTubers. He was born in Bradford, England on February 5, 1995, to parents whose identities are currently unknown. He is the younger of two boys born to his parents.

Nick Crompton’s early success on YouTube meant he hasn’t paid much attention to completing his formal education, he began at Salt Grammar School in his home country, England, specifically in Baildon, West Yorkshire. It was a success that could simply be described as accidental. Nick had taken advantage of the YouTube video recording feature to record a personal video of him with zero intention of uploading it on to the platform. An accidental hit of the upload button posted his video onto the platform for everyone to see and everyone did see it.

The reception to his ‘accidental’ video, which was created on July 24, 2012, was all the impetus Nick needed to continue and pursue a career on YouTube as a vlogger. His first channel, TheNickCompton features him recording his reactions to several issues, from reactions to other YouTube videos to pop culture news, his insight and comedic take on these issues have helped him develop a following of over 504,000 subscribers. The channel also features other activities such as pranks and challenges. The channel so far has over 5 million video views. This popularity encouraged Nick, along with another social media personality to create a startup, Social Chain, a social media marketing agency for YouTube creators such as himself and others. He has been able to work with several other stars like Alissa Violet, Emilio Martinez, and AJ Mitchell.

Nick Crompton and one of YouTube’s most popular sons, Jake Paul eventually collaborated on a project on the web group, Team 10. The group, which was established as a conglomerate of social media influencers had several other members including YouTubers like Chance Sutton and Tessa Brooks. While Nick Crompton was a part of the group, he was the Chief Operating Officer. The group, which had 10 members, hence the name, went on tours around the country, bringing their various online characters to fans across different states and cities all over the country.

Net Worth

As a member of Team 10, and having his own popular YouTube channel with a marketing agency of his own, Nick Crompton’s talents as a vlogger and an entrepreneur has helped him build a modest net worth several of his peers would be proud of. He currently has a net worth of $1.6 million.

Is Nick Crompton Gay?

Nick Crompton
Nick Crompton and Levi

Nick Crompton is gay. For a while, his sexuality was a subject of interest among his fans, particularly as a result of his relationship with YouTubers like Tessa Brooks. This led to several speculations that he might be gay and until the 28th of November 2017. He confirmed and came out to his fans in November that he was in fact, gay and he was in a relationship with a guy named Levi, who featured in his coming out video.

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He met his boyfriend, Levi through the popular dating app, Tinder in 2017 and both have enjoyed a good relationship ever since.

Why Did He Quit Team 10?

For a long time, Nick was a valuable and celebrated member of Team 10. So, it was a surprise to many when he announced he was quitting the group on the 4th of May, 2018. According to him, his departure was due to a lack of clear direction of the team. At the time of the press release, Team 10 had suffered the loss of two more talents, The Martinez Twins and Tessa Brooks, with Nick Crompton becoming a third.

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