first gay couple

Gone are the days when you could just apply parental control on some more adult channels and freely leave the rest for your children.

Conservative parents will now have to go the extra mile to ensure of the type of content their children see as Nickelodeon gets set to introduce their first gay couple.

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Nickelodeon is set to make their own personal history with “Loud House”. Loud house is an animated show from the stables of the children’s TV network which will now feature their first gay couple.

The series, which centers around the life of Lincoln Loud and his ten sisters, will be the first Nickelodeon show in history to feature a married same-sex couple.

first gay couple

The first gay couple, who are also bi-racial, will be voiced by Wayne Brady and Michael McDonald and the two will make their debut on the July 20 episode “Overnight Success.”

Nickelodeon confirmed to Variety that the couple is Clyde McBride’s parents, Harold (Brady) and Howard (McDonald) McBride. An excerpt from Wednesday’s upcoming episode was posted to Twitter.

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In the episode called “Overnight Success”, the protagonist Lincoln says, “This is it. Time to make history,” as his friend, Clyde McBride, does a countdown in the background.

Then Howard and Harold McBride, who are Clyde McBride’s parents, drop their son at Lincoln’s house for a sleepover and we are introduced to the couple as Lincoln says, “Hi, McBride. Hi, McBride.”

first gay couple

The series makes no fuss over the appearance of the married gay couple. Instead, it focuses on the protective nature of the McBride’s after dropping off Clyde at the Loud residence for a slumber party.

The decision to feature a married same-sex couple on a children’s program has been met with overwhelmingly positive reactions in the international community, especially because they are also bi-racial.