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With achievements like emerging as the winner of the 2010 Miss California beauty pageant in November 2009 and making it to the top ten in the Miss United States of America pageant in 2010, Nicole Johnson was set on the right path to a successful modelling career. Apart from being an American model, her husband’s fame has also pushed her further into the limelight, he is one of the most renowned swimmers around the world. This article will share more details about her biography, family and her amazing married life with Michael Phelps.

Nicole Johnson’s Biography (Ethnicity, Age)

Nicole Johnson was born in Colorado Springs on July 12, 1985. She had her beginnings at Pennsylvania, however, she grew up in Westlake Village in California. The model attended Westlake High School and graduated in 2003. She applied for the University of Southern California scholarship and graduated with a degree; Bachelor of Arts in Communication, majoring in sports and entertainment after transferring from Moorpark college.

A lot of discrepancies about Nicole’s ethnicity has popped up but no one has arrived at conclusions. There are records which referred her to be Persian, Hispanic, Caucasian, Mexican or Black, however, we can’t conclude on this just yet. We would upload her ethnical details as soon as we get the facts straight, nevertheless, the model holds an American nationality.


Nicole’s dream to be a model started at a very tender age, she had her first pageantry at age 17 where she contested for Miss California and had her eyes fixed on the prize which involved a scholarship offer. Her intents were basically to win which would have enabled her to offset her college education bills. Unfortunately, the model couldn’t hit the first position but emerged as the first runner-up amongst 304 contestants.

Afterwards, the supermodel took up a job at the ESPN ESPY Awards as their production assistant. She grew in her field and further contested for 2010 Miss California once again and won the crown. She went on to contest in the Miss USA Pagent the same year and took the ninth position.

Nicole Johnson later worked for Mercedes Benz, MOGL restaurant loyalty program and Yellow page where she worked as a communications director.

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Family (Parents)

Nicole Johnson’s parents are Richard and Annette Johnson. Media interest in them began after their baby girl brought them to fame with her stint as a beauty queen. Nevertheless, records about the couple have been hidden although there are controversies about Richard being a Persian while others say he is black. There are also records of her mom Annette being a Mexican. Richard worked as a pharmaceutical sales manager while his wife was a teacher. Aside from the foregoing, the model has chosen to keep further details about her folks away from the public eye.

Relationship With Michael Phelps

Nicole Johnson

Having a few hiccups wasn’t the end for Nicole Johnson and Michael Phelps who had their challenges, however, their love never died. Their love story is a unique tale which commenced after they met in 2007 at the ESPY awards and started dating in 2009. Though their relationship was rocky, the duo finally got engaged on February 21, 2015, and had a major relationship crash in 2012, nevertheless, they reunited in 2014. They later had a very private wedding on June 13, 2016. Their union has been blessed with two children, Boomer Robert Phelps; their first son who was born on May 5, 2016, and Beckett Richard, born on February 12, 2018.

Michael Phelps 

Michael Phelps is known for his skills in swimming and retired in 2016 summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. He is popularly known as The Baltimore Bullet or Flying Fish and was born on June 30, 1985, in Baltimore Maryland USA.  He is the youngest of three children born to Deborah and Michael Fred Phelps.

Flying Fish attended Rodgers Forge Elementary and had his middle school at Dumbarton Middle School. He spent his high school days at Towson High School. He started swimming at a tender age of 7 and belongs to a family of sports enthusiasts. The swimmer stayed 16 years in the game before retiring and has won 23 gold medals, 3 silver medals and 2 bronze medals. He runs a foundation and also works as a pitchman for Under Armor.

Michael has mentioned countlessly how Nicole had kept him going by stroking his ego and supporting his dreams. He has also spoken about his battle with depression and enlightened the world on how he was able to overcome it.

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