Just How Wealthy Is Nicole Kidman, Why Did She Divorce Tom Cruise and Who Is Her Husband Now?

One of the things that keep the film industry going is the range of actors and actresses willing to risk it all just to bring to life different characters one can ever think of. Australian-American actress Nicole Kidman is surely one of these personalities, and she has also got lots of recognition and accolades to show for it. The talented actress who started as early as in the 80s to keep us glued to our screens is still doing so to date through her various movies. For her success over the years, she has earned a spot in the millionaire’s club. In addition to acting, she continues to stay relevant in the industry as a producer with a number of good works to her name.

Kidman Has Multiple-Time Been Named In The World’s Highest-Paid Actress List

Kidman in 2006, 2018, and 2019 respectively have made it to the world’s highest-paid actresses. During the times she has made it to the list, she’s done so with fellow A-listers like Scarlet Johanson, Reese Witherspoon, and other Hollywood big wigs.

The talented actress and producer makes the bulk of her money from movies. According to CBS News, Kidman earns between $10 to $15 million for a movie role. This, as well as her other endeavors, contribute to her net worth of $120 million. While this mouthwatering figure has been reported by many sources to be her net worth as of 2020, Kidman sat on a whopping $183 million as her net worth in the year 2015.

The actress has won numerous awards but one of the most unforgettable was her Academy Award for Best Actress for The Hours in 2003. This is because the event was followed by a bunch of exciting offers for the actress. Few months after she received the award, Nicole bagged a mouthwatering deal with Chanel No. 5. Although it was not confirmed, reports had it that she was paid over $8 million for the 3-minute ad she did for the brand.

Nicole Kidman is living her best life alongside her husband, with whom she shares million-dollar homes in homes in Sydney, Bunya Hill, Los Angeles, Nashville, and New York. The couple has acquired a $10 million mansion in New York and also has a penthouse in Sydney. We’re not forgetting her over $3 million home in Nashville which is considered their main home. The talented actress is also known to own many luxury cars. Her Bugatti Veron, Audi Q7, and GMC Yukon Denali are clear indications that she loves cars.

Whirlwind Romance and Marriage To Tom Cruise

image source Kidman and Tom Cruise

Kidman and Cruise’s marriage seemed like it was made in heaven and barely flawed until the shocking news of their divorce. The couple left their fans and the entire public in awe in 1990 when they exchanged their nuptial vows on the eve of Christmas that year. The couple had met in 1989 on the set of the film, Days of Thunder, and things got serious really quickly between them.

They seemed inseparable and were one of Hollywood’s power couples at the time. Making sacrifices for one another was not a big deal to them as they portrayed. This was seen in Kidman’s bold move to change her religion from Catholic to Church of Scientology, which was what Tom Cruise practiced. Few years into their marriage they adopted two children – Isabela and Connor.

However, information was rife in February 2001 that the Australian actress and the Mission Impossible star were going their separate ways. This was later confirmed when Cruise filed for divorce from his then-wife.

Cruise Scientology Religion Probably Got In The Way Of Their Romance

Indeed Tom Cruise was the one who filed for divorce from the Eyes Wide Shut actress, citing irreconcilable differences. Efforts by many sources to find out what really led to the divorce at the time had proved futile but in recent times there have been some leads. These have mostly revolved around Cruise’s strong advocacy of his Scientology belief.

Before Tom Cruise married Kidman, he joined the Church of Scientology and held on its beliefs. Lovestruck Nicole did not hesitate to join her husband after they got married. But reports have it that their different religious background often conflicted leading to the rift between them. It got to the extent that the Scientologists leader David Miscavige, who was not pleased with the actress’s background and stands on religion started spying on the couple by wiretapping Nicole Kidman.

Though it was never confirmed, these claims were made by an executive Mark Rathbun, in the documentary Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief which was released in 2015. This is why it has been concluded by many sources that it was indeed Scientology that came in between the couple. Nicole has partially admitted to her displeasure with the religion by saying on different occasions that she has chosen to respect her children’s decision to become Scientologists.

The Actress Is Now Married To Keith Urban

The Batman Forever actress is now married to New Zealand-Australian singer Keith Urban. The couple got married in June 2006, five years after Kidman’s divorce from Cruise. Although the media seems to not want to let go of the actress’s past marriage, Nicole Kidman constantly tries to keep her personal life private especially as she has remarried.

Nicole Kidman
image source Nicole Kidman and husband Keith Urban

She has confessed on several occasions that she finds it disrespectful to Keith Urban speaking about her life with her ex-husband. Kidman and her husband Keith did not really date before they tied the knot. They in fact got to understand each other in their marriage, and it has been an interesting journey for the two. The first time they met each other was at the G’Day USA gala in 2005, it is an event held in Los Angeles which celebrates Australians in the United States.

In an interview with Ellen Degeneres in 2013, Nicole revealed that after they met at the gala, Keith only called her after four months and that was how their relationship started. Things indeed happened so fast afterward as the Big Little Lies actress was already wearing an engagement ring by November 2005, the same year they met.

The couple has so much respect for each other and is happy with their relationship. As Keith Urban described their marriage to CBS News, meeting Nicole was life-giving, because according to him his life did not change when he married her, it actually began. Kidman and Urban have two girls together – Sunday Rose and Faith Margaret.


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