Niece Waidhofer – Inside the Life of Instagram Model

It is the era of Instagram celebrities and there are so many of them out there that sometimes it gets confusing, but there is nothing confusing about the personality of Niece Waidhofer and the many semi-nude photos she has posted on Instagram which like most Instagram models is what got her to where she is today. Waidhofer’s rise to fame and popularity was as gradual as it was deliberate.

The Instagram star set out making her Instagram handle a one-stop destination for photos that are stylish, beautiful and racy. With her mind set on garnering followers and popularity to get to her dream of being a model and an actress, it did not take long for interested young men and women who loved her style to flood her page and make her dream a reality. Read on for all the juicy details and controversies that have followed in her wake.

Niece Waidhofer’s Age and Background History

Niece was birthed on the 27th of August to parents whose names she has kept to herself. Any knowledge the media has of her began from when she hit the spotlight. Details about how and where she spent her childhood as well as whether she has any siblings are not publicly known.

The model hit stardom when the raunchy and daring pictures she posts on Instagram began to garner attention with interested fans trooping in to have a look and drop a comment. A good majority of the pictures often show her clad in the barest of clothes, lingerie, and accessories that leave almost nothing to the imagination.

When the attention started pouring in as expected, Niece Waidhofer quickly leveraged it to make her dream of being a model or an actress come true and from all indications, she is heading in the right direction. Through her popularity on social media, she has had big opportunities come calling. The Instagram star has worked with several brands, some of which have raised her fame to international standards.

Having amassed a ton of followers on Reddit, one of her platform of choice, Reddit reciprocated by featuring her on its home page. This feat, as expected, gave the model even more exposure which she has often admitted was one of the highlights of her blossoming career. As a model, she has been represented by a good number of modeling agencies including Mayhem. She was featured on the cover of two issues of ‘Vanquish’ Magazine and graced a couple of Vogue and Allure pages too.

After earning her place as a model, Niece took up her dreams of becoming an actress and worked her way to the movies and she has been given credit for being in Project Aether (2011) and The Legend of DarkHorse County (2014).

Other Facts to Know About The Instagram Model

Relationship Status

Niece is not married and as far as anyone knows, is not in any relationship that has been made known. Although fans are eager to know more about her personal affairs and who the special someone in her life is, the Insta star has chosen to keep the media off her personal life.

Net Worth

The earning capacity of Niece Waidhofer is no doubt rising with every new day. It is speculated that she earns as much as $2000 for her Instagram posts, however, not enough is known about her earnings to determine the exact value of her net worth.


Niece Waidhofer

Sometime before she became as famous as she is now, Niece was involved in a Reddit controversy that saw her delete her account. As the story went, the would-be star added a selfie to a Reddit thread titled ‘Roast me’ where interested persons post their pictures and have others mock, criticize and make jokes or just hate them. Apparently, Niece thought it would be fun to have people criticize her. When she posted the picture, as shown above, the backlash she received was certainly more than she bargained for. The picture commanded an onslaught of savage dislike that had the star cringing and wishing she had stayed away from the thread.

The hate got so bad that someone masqueraded as her ex just to post vile comments about the picture. At the height of it, Niece quickly deleted her Reddit account in a bid to make it stop, but the thread had already gone viral and her actions made it worse as the comments simply migrated to her Instagram account. She has taken time since then to clarify that the poster who masqueraded as her ex was not real.

Height and Body Measurements

To be a model is to be physically trim and appealing to the eye; all characters that Niece Waidhofer possesses in abundance. The curvy star is unique for her bikini photoshoots which show off her body the most. Her height is 5 ft 3 inches balanced on a weight of 45 kg. To further accentuate her beauty, she sports a full mane of dark brown hair and grey eyes.

The model has an hourglass figure that measures 33 inches for bust, 24 inches for waist and 34 inches for hips. She wears a size 6 for shoes while her ‘cup’ size is listed as “B”.

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