Niger Delta Avengers Ready To Begin Talks With Nigerian Government

Nigerian militant group, the Niger Delta Avengers have declared that they are open to negotiations with the Nigerian government and Multi-National Corporations working in the region.

The Niger Delta Avengers consists of small groups of unemployed Nigerian youth who feel sidelined by the Federal Government despite the government’s easy access to the nation’s wealth, crude oil. Their divisiveness has led to difficulties in reaching them on the part of the Nigerian government.

The so-called Avengers have consistently attacked the region for some months now leading to a reduction in Nigeria’s crude oil output by up to 700,000 barrels a day, according to Reuters.

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They are interested in participating in a dialogue between the Federal Government and “representatives from the home countries of all multinational Oil Corporations and neutral international mediators.”

The NDA have endorsed Edwin Kiagbodo Clark to lead the negotiation between the Federal Government and representatives of the MNCs operating in the region, according to Nigeria’s Sahara Reporters.

“Most of the frameworks and objectives are clearly stated in various reports, declarations and recommendations of the likes of the Sir Henry Willinks Minority Rights Reports of pre-independence Nigeria (1957-1958), the Kaiama Declaration document, the General Alexander Ogomudia report, and the Ledum Mittee-headed Niger Delta Technical Committee report on restructuring to fiscal federalism,” said NDA.

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The group also added that despite the cessation of vandalism on their part, they would continue to monitor the region against disparities from the government leaders and MNCs operating in the region.

“We are going to continue the observation of our announced ceasefire of hostilities in the Niger Delta against the multinational oil corporations. We promise to fight more for the Niger Delta if this opportunity fails,” they said in a statement received by Reuters on Sunday.