This Is Why Militants Are Vandalizing Nigerian Oil Pipelines

For over one month Nigeria has faced another side of insecurity away from Boko Haram and the global decline in oil business.

A militant group which has identified itself as the Niger Delta Avengers made it a mission to blow up virtually all the pipelines they lay their eyes on in the Niger Delta region.

One would think that with the recovery of stolen loots, signing of the budget and a great success in eradicating Boko Haram insurgents, Nigeria will at least be relatively peaceful in order to forge ahead for the best.

Unfortunately, that was not going to be so, at least not at the moment. Yesterday evening, the group destroyed yet another pipeline in the Niger Delta. And it does not appear that they are willing to stop, despite government’s invitation to dialogue.

So Who Are The Niger Delta Avengers?

The Niger Delta Avengers are a group of people who have come all out to supposedly pay the government back in their own coin for abusing their oil-rich region. They have accused the government of paying a deaf ear to their basic needs.

The Niger Delta region is the base of Nigeria’s economy. It is the nation’s oil sanctuary. Nigeria is an international oil producing nation, thanks to the natural wealth of this region.

Earlier than now, a past Nigerian administration under Olusegun Obasanjo had its share of their wrath. But this time, it’s a lot worse than the rampart kidnapping of foreign oil workers. At a point, the amnesty programme seemed to calm their tempers.

With the recent discoveries of loots and misappropriation of funds especially in the oil sector, the Niger Delta Avengers as their name implies are out to counter the blatant ridicule. They find it unfair that government takes much more than they give to their immensely polluted and impoverished communities.

“Since the amalgamation of Nigeria in 1914 to date, our resources have been used to sustain the political administrative live wire of Nigeria to the exclusion of the Niger Delta.”- Niger Delta Avengers

Worse still when the revenues from the oil enterprise end up in dubious and greedy personal pockets. According to Vanguard, the group strongly implies that henceforth, the Niger Delta Region wants to control their resources.

Is The Incessant Pipeline Vandalization The Way?

It is hard to say that the rage of Niger Delta Avengers is not justified. At the same time they will not be getting a thumbs up for going so extreme. Reason? The poor Nigerian masses are the ones who will bear the brunt of all these destruction.

Mahatma Gandhi once quoted that “an eye for an eye ends up making the whole world blind.” The corruption rate got out of hand and now the Niger Delta Avengers have lost it. The heat was turned on when the federal government unleashed troops on them.

Niger Delta Avengers

The group which has boldly launched their presence on the internet via own website and social media are bringing oil businesses in the region to a total halt. In other words, bringing Nigeria to a complete black out.

At the moment, Nigerian leading oil firms have shut down operations. These companies include: Shell Petroleum Development Company, SPDC, Chevron Nigeria Limited, CNL, Agip Oil Company, NAOC amongst others.

Appeal For International Back-up 

The Niger Delta Avengers have appealed to the international community to back their mission.

“We are calling on the international community to come and support the restoration of our right to peaceful self-determination… We want our resources back to restore the essence of human life in our region for generations to come because Nigeria has failed to do that. The world should not wait until we go the Sudan ways.”- NDA

As the group seeks international support, prominent Nigerian nationals have urged them to accept the government proposed dialogue.

They are certain Nigeria cannot deal with another security war at this time. Whatever the NDA’s decision is, only time will tell.