Niger Delta Leaders Demand Oil Blocs And Socio-Economic Restoration From Buhari

The Niger Delta leaders and the Nigerian government have met to reach a workable agreement that will restore sanity to the torn region and improve Nigeria’s economy.

Over 100 Niger Delta leaders, representatives and stakeholders from the region met with Buhari on Tuesday. They have presented a 16-point demand to the president.

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Also present at the meeting was the Nation’s vice president, Osinbajo, the Minister of State for Petroleum, Ibeh Kachikwu and the Minister of Niger Delta, Usani.

After the leaders made their demand, President Buhari sincerely admitted that there was no way possible that the region could be fixed like it should anytime soon.

United Nations itself had estimated that it will take about 30 years to clear up the environmental damage in the region.

The summative demand of the leaders was geared on a large part towards the restoration of the region in terms of environmental cleansing; employment, basic amenities and infrastructures.

The most significant of their demand is the relocation of oil firms and their headquarters to the Niger Delta region. That way the leaders say that development will be quickly fostered in the region.

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The Niger Delta leaders also demands inclusiveness in the operation of the oil industry and also in ownership of oil blocs.

As confirmed by the Petroleum Minister, Kachikwu, the meeting with the leaders and militants of the region has already started meaning well for the Nigerian economy. He says that as at now, Nigeria’s oil production has gone up to 2.1 million barrel a day.

“The reality is that as of today and this morning, we are at 2.1 million barrels production. That’s substantial. That would not have happened without efforts that went behind through the royal fathers and leaders, through the militant leaders. A lot of behind-the-scene engagements had taken place and will continue to take place.” Kachikwu added.