Perhaps The Boko Haram Treatment Worked As Avengers Agree To Ceasefire

With the Boko Haram treatment threat from President Buhari, The Niger Delta Militants have agreed to stop attacking the nation’s economy via indiscriminate destruction of oil pipelines.

After the threat laudably dished out by the President in Nairobi, Kenya, there was an upsurge of reactions by the people as well as different sectors of the government.

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The House of representatives for one advocated more room for dialogue on the issue of the Niger Delta Militants. In the same way the South-South Reawakening Group urged the President to slow down on the force option.

“We are calling on Mr. President to exercise some restraint since the elders and leaders have waded into the matter, with a view to bringing about peace in the region.”

“Let him not be too hasty  in resorting to the use of force, especially as the major militant groups have agreed to dialogue with government. Dialogue remains the best option in solving problems of the region.”

Confirming the ceasefire and a halt on violent operations, the Niger Delta Avengers released a statement on their website confirming that they have stopped the attacks.

In the statement, as contained in The Nations, the violent group did not fail to compare and ridicule Buhari’s administration. They also shared their anticipation that the Federal Government will grant the rift between them “a genuine and positive attitude.”

Niger Delta Militants said:

“We call on President Muhammadu Buhari to put away the garb of a stooge to the imperialists, whenever he speaks outside Nigeria. We have listened carefully and halted hostilities in the Niger Delta.”

“Dear president, what makes those countries (Japan, Germany, France, USA, Britain etc.) great is the ability of their governments to accommodate internal protestations and conflicts for the greater good of their nations over the years.”

Reactions have as well come up criticizing the statement and actions of the militants overtime. The rhetoric question had always been what they hope to achieve by a total black out of the nation.

Many have condemned the idea of accommodating their violence as they insinuated to be a trait of good governance. They say that their violent attacks went way beyond the ideal democratic way of protesting.

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Ironically, the more damage they do, they worse their already polluted environment gets. In the end, they get to suffer twice as every other Nigerian.

The Niger Delta Militants also accused the President of hatching a pre-determined genocide in the Niger Delta. They said the President Buhari was set to manifest the plan through the Operation Crockodile code

“Please also tell those foreign nations that your troops are about carrying out extrajudicial killings in the Niger Delta in violation of Article Four of the Geneva Convention with ‘OPERATION CROCODILE SMILE’.”