Buhari's Accountability Promises

Buhari’s accountability promises are not new to Nigerians.

However as an urgent necessity to lift Nigeria’s economy from recession, Buhari says he is out to restore the “good old days of accountability” back to Nigeria.

According to the President, accountability of officers in public offices is a strong attraction for foreign investors.

“It is only by doing this that investors’ morale and confidence will return, and the economy will be positioned on the path of growth.”

Buhari seems to be making hopeful economic statements recently.

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On Tuesday the president had a meeting with the Director, Global Upstream of Shell Oil Company at the State House, Abuja. During the meeting, Buhari said he would leave a legacy of an improved Nigeria in areas or power, economy and security.

Before now he had pointed out that the above mentioned sectors are top on the priority list of his administration.

The Nigerian president has promised the people once again that he would fix up the economy, which is in recession at the moment, infrastructural developments and the Niger Delta insecurity situation before he leaves office, of which he has a little over 2 years to go.

On the issue of accountability, Buhari’s accountability promises was a major cause of his success into Aso Rock. His anti-corruption campaign promises appealed to the people. He also promised to restore transparency in governance.

Buhari has particularly succeeded in getting in touch with world acclaimed tax havens and nations where Nigeria’s looted funds are stashed in billions; in hope that they will release the money to Nigeria. He also reportedly got guilty officials to pledge a return of looted funds from the nation’s treasury.

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The gathering on Tuesday revealed that Shell Nigeria is ready to begin oil exportation after restoring series of vandalization from militants.

The president appreciated the oil firm for sticking with Nigeria through these tough economic times.

While stating that protection of oil infrastructures is a top priority, Buhari also announced that the Federal Executive Council is about to address a proposal for the easing of unpaid arrears owed by the government.