World Powers Unfairly Battle Nigeria On Coal; Says It’s Not Green Energy

Kemi Adeosun appears to have squarely stated Nigeria’s economic mission to outgrow recession. While at it, she addressed the hypocritical views of the West on using coal-fired energy.

According to the Minister, some Western powers are blocking the use of coal energy because of what she calls the “difficult, unfair green goals/demands”.

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Without mincing words, Adeosun made it out-rightly clear that mandating Nigeria to use solar and wind energy is utterly hypocritical.

Kemi argues that the booming European industrialization is powered by coal energy. As a matter of fact they are still using the coal but when Nigeria resorts to it to cut cost, the West remembers coal-fired energy is not eco-friendly.

She did not also forget to remind nations that were present at the World Bank, International Monetary Fund General Meetings, that Africa has not contributed to climate change like the west has done for hundreds of years.

“We cannot afford to be burdened with the additional cost of going green when those who polluted the atmosphere are continuing to use coal, that’s not fair.”

“I think that there is some hypocrisy in that. We have the entire western industrialization that was built on coal fired energy and that’s the competitive advantage that has been used to develop, for instance, New Yorkshire and the rest. It’s coal, from coal to industrialization.”

“But today, Africa wants to do coal, oh! It’s not green, you can’t do it, you should go and do solar and wind which is the most expensive power option.”

During the address at the international meeting, Kemi pointed out that with the economic instability, solar and wind energy will not come in handy as they are expensive.

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“Right now, we are being very conservative about our debt and we are trying to get the cheapest money possible from multilateral agencies.”

On that note, she added that if Nigeria agrees to abandon coal-fired energy and goes solar and wind, then the (west) will have to pay for it.

“We are happy to go green and wind as long as they are ready to pay for the difference. You don’t want us to do coal, no problem, we will do green, we will do wind, hydro, everything else that is not coal but someone has to compensate us.”