Digital Bridge Institute

Digital Bridge Institute – The Nigerian government, in 3 months time, will launch an ICT University for the first time ever. FG has concluded plans to set up the institution.

On Tuesday, Nigeria’s Minister of Communication, Mr Adebayo Shittu, was a guest on a Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria (FCRN) radio programme. It was in the course of the programme that he revealed the plan to launch the ICT university.

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The proposed Nigeria’s ICT university will be an extension of an already existent ICT-based institute, The Digital Bridge Institute. The international ICT institute is functional in six centres across the country – Lagos, Abuja, Kano, Owerri, Yola and in Benue state.

According to the commissioner, since the world is going digital, it is only logical and progressive for Nigeria to join in the change.

“It is time to leverage on the bountiful opportunities in the Communications sector to generate additional revenue for government.

“We all know that ICT is now redefining how we live, how we deliver businesses and services in terms of government to government as well as between government and citizens.”

The Commissioner says that the university will operate in partnership with top notch ICT institutions and authorities. Already he says that he has contacted Motorola and Mark Zuckerberg to that effect.

“I have had the privilege of speaking with a lot of operators throughout the world, including Motorola, Mark Zuckerberg  (FaceBook founder) and others.

“They have promised to partner with us and bring in a lot funding and logistics to be able to sustain such a university which will provide world class hands to train experts in telecoms industry.”

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Report has it that the Nigerian government has approved 8 new private universities. Digital Bridge Institute has just joined the league of new tertiary institutions in the country. Together, it is believed that these institutions will help decongest Nigerian schools.

Generally speaking, the government is pushing for a more skill-inclined education than the traditional theories which seems to be failing the society. Nigerians are hopeful that The Digital Bridge Institute will help in that regard.