According to a report by Tordue Salem, Nigerian senators have decided that henceforth kidnappers in Nigeria will face a death Penalty. 

After due consideration of a crime report prepared by a Committee headed by Senator Abu Ibrahim, the lawmakers consented to a death penalty punishment for anyone guilty of kidnapping in Nigeria.

The issue of employing such capital punishments as the death penalty comes with mixed feelings. In a country where there is a significantly high number of Christians the death sentence is not supposed to be an option.

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On the other hand, kidnapping is gradually becoming commonplace across the country. The rate is quite alarming. It has become a source of immediate income, on both large and small scale.

The propagator of the death penalty sanction is said to be Sen. Adamu Aliero, from Kebbi State. Seconding the motion is Senator Godswill Akpabio. He noted that the increase in kidnapping took off after the successful abduction of former Governor Chris Ngige by hoodlums.

The Senate also stressed the need for the government to duly support and provide for security agencies. This will help them in the fight to minimize and even eradicate the kidnapping virus in the Nigerian society.

“The funding of the security agencies should be taken as a priority project, bearing in mind that the practice of envelop budget for security agencies have proved ineffective.”

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In fairness, the law makers acknowledged that some kidnappers took to the stock as a result of unemployment. Nevertheless, nothing justices kidnapping.

“Efforts should be geared towards creating employment opportunities for our teeming unemployed youths and security agencies should embark on training and retraining of theory personnel for effective capacity building.”

They also considered the need to enact laws that will permit state government to prosecute culprits in their various jurisdictions.