Nigerian Medical And Nursing Councils Offer Anti-FGM Course

Female Genital Mutilation has become a sensitive subject in Africa. As African nations wake up to the ugly facts of the practice, Nigeria joins the motion. The Nigerian Medical and Nursing Councils have deemed it fit to include an Anti-FGM course in the curriculum of medical/nursing students.

Many African nations are currently kicking against this hurtful practice. However the barbaric act is still bouncing and kicking in remote African communities. Nigeria unfortunately is one of the African nations with a high FGM prevalence rate. Former Nigerian president, Goodluck Ebele Jonathan officially banned FGM in 2015.

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Reports have revealed the sky-rocketing number of FGM cases in Nigeria’s South-West, South-South and South-East regions. The practice was also seen to have been adopted in Northern regions like Kano, Abuja and Nasarawa.” According to a UNICEF Report, 130 million girls and women across Africa and the middle East are victims of this practice. In concurrence to that, the 2010 UNFPA health report cites that 20% of the women with mutilated genitals have been infibulated.

Taking the fight to the educational level is nothing but a good sign. It will hopefully stress the need to eradicate it. The more aware people are about the dangers of the fruitless mutilation, the better equipped they are in fighting it.

Leading in this educational fight against FGM via the anti-FGM course are Tanzania and Ghana. It is worthy to mention that any licensed Nigerian medical personnel who indulges in the practice will answer to the law. The announcement was made by Professor Modupe Onadeko, the national president of the inter-Africa Committee on Harmful/Violent Practices Against Women and Children.

Obviously there is a need to employ more practical measures in the fight against the indiscriminate violation of women rights. Already there are 3 Tanzanian Universities working towards the anti-FGM course- University of Dodoma, Muhimbili University of Heath and Allied Sciences (MUHAS) and the Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Centre (KCMC).

Early this year, Gambia signed a law that any culprit found perpetuating this act will be subject to 3 years imprisonment, a fine of $1,250 and in the case of loss of life, will be sentenced to life imprisonment.

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