Nigeria Warns Youths To Steer Off Illegal Migration To Europe

It appears that the spate of Nigerian illegal migration is alarming.

On Thursday, August 18th 2016, the Nigerian federal government warned youths against illegal migration to Europe.

It is the concern of every government that cares to ensure that the nation does not lose citizens indiscriminately at sea or in the deserts en route their location as illegal immigrants.

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Many have drowned at the Mediterranean sea. A while ago the Nigerian media displayed pictures of 2 young Nigerian teenagers who lost their mother in the excruciating and risky venture of crossing over to Europe.

It is worthy to mention that Europe still does not have an accommodating response for refugees.

Vanguard reported last year that well over 7000 illegal migrants from Nigeria had crossed over the European borders.

During the Unveiling Ceremony of the National Policy on Labour Migration, Sen. Chris Ngige, the Minister of Labour and Employment sounded the note of warning deterring desperate Nigerians who might be nursing the intention to migrate illegally.

The minister noted that the majority of Nigerians who take to migrating illegally were all “in the prime of their youths”. He found this particularly disheartening as he recognized Nigerian youths as the “country’s most critical factor of production and National development”.

Going further on he points out that there was nothing wrong in migration. This is because legal migrants serve as assets to both their home land and the country they migrate to.

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He says that the only thing wrong about migration is going about it the wrong way.

“This government also recognizes that when people migrate in condition of freedom, dignity, equity and security, they can boost economic and social development of both countries of origin and destination.”

“We are also aware that migrant workers with legal status are globally know to contribute to the growth and development of both countries of destination and countries of origin which clearly establishes the fact that migration in itself is not wrong but processes may be.”

On that note, we will consider that a couple of factors have influenced the rise in Nigerian illegal migration. First, the insurgencies and secondly, the poor state of the nation’s economy.