Nigerian Man Who Named His Dog After The President Unable To Raise Bail Money

A Nigerian man is facing jail time for naming his dog Buhari. The act is said to be a breach of peace and could possibly incite violence at a sensitive time in Nigeria where tribalism is in full swing.

The name of the man who named his dog Buhari was initially withheld. He is said to have painted the name ‘ Buhari’ on both sides of his dog and paraded it down a street where northerners dwell.

After his neighbour, a northerner reported him to the police, he was arrested.

Abimbola Oyeyemi, the police spokesman in the southern Ogun state where the man lives said:

“His action is provocative and capable of breaching the peace, as you know the volatility of Nigeria now.” 

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The chief magistrate presiding the court, B.J. Ojikutu granted him a bail of N50,000 with two sureties in the same sum, who must be regular taxpayers in the state.

According to Nigeria’s Vanguard, the man was unable to raise the bail of N50,000 ($159). The family of the man, Joe Fortemose Chinakwe told the Vanguard that they were unable to raise the complete money, having raised only N20,000.

Nigeria is currently facing one of its worst recessions in years. Th economic situation has caused an uproar and contentions among Nigerians.

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The President who is from the northern region of Nigeria rode his election campaign on the slogan, “change”. President Buhari promised to bring change to the Nigerian government. Among them were job creation, boosting the Nigerian economy, rescuing the Chibok girls, fixing Nigeria’s power problems. So far, all Nigerians have gotten are negative changes which has led to even his supporters becoming impatient with his agenda.