The Face Of Nigerian Architecture Is A Woman – Olajumoke Adenowo

Olajumoke Adenowo is a prominent Nigerian architect. The regular blogger and mother of 2 is famously recognized as the “Face  of Architecture” in Nigeria. Jumoke also has expertise in oil & gas and property management. She has featured on international media platforms like CNN African Voices and America’s Architectural Record Magazine.

At 14, she gained admission into the University of Ife to study architecture. Back in school she is remembered for her astounding excellence in designs and academics; for which she received several awards. By 19, Jumoke had bagged her Bachelor’s degree in architecture and followed it up with a ground-breaking success in her Master’s degree.

Working with a private firm, the “Starchitect” designed the Federal Ministry of Finance in Abuja when she was just 23-years. In 1994, she set up her own architecture company – AD Consulting Limited. Since inception the company has been doing so well. Well enough to be tagged a multiple award-winning firm.

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AD Consulting Limited is the first if its kind to take up interior architecture in Nigeria. Record says the firm is behind well over 70 national, multi-national and private constructions. It is Nigeria’s most internationally awarded firm with clients like Coca-Cola and L’oreal.

5 years after starting AD Consulting, Jumoke extended her heart and hand to the people. She set up the Awesome Treasures Foundation (ATF). The objective was to create a platform that grooms leaders of great repute and integrity. The foundation gears its energy and purpose on good leadership for the people and for posterity. Overtime the activities and functions of the foundation have witnessed thousands of people in attendance.

“A mother uses her strength to empower others, Strength is the force you deploy in the service of the weak… Only a life lived for others is a life worth living – Olajumoke Adenowo

As a seasoned public speaker, Jumoke hosts a radio show – Voice of Change – still echoing the need for positive change in leadership. She has also authored several books, writes for Thisday style magazine. Jumoke also has interests in music. An all round communicator you can say.

Olajumoke Adenowo has been individually recognized for her entrepreneurial and philanthropic attributes. She is passionate about transformation and women development.

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